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iPhone 5 preview. Will it hurt Apple’s financials? July 7, 2010

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Here it is:

iPhone 5 preview

Will it connect well and solve the "dropped conversations" issue?

I am curious to see if the issue connected to holding the iPhone 4 in your left hand will hurt Apple’s financials.


Here it is. The iPad sucks. I had guessed right. January 27, 2010

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The iPad is an iPod on illegal steroids that lost its main functionality

I had guessed right the iPad sucks. It is just an overgrown iPhone that we can’t hold in our pockets or purses.

My guesses were right.


6 Reasons why Apple ITablet sucks. Or should I say IPad sucks? January 26, 2010

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imagine holding the ITablet in one hand while typing on the Subay

1) We can’t use Apple iPad to read books because it doesn’t have E Ink electronic paper display like Amazon’s Kindle . Apple iPad will emit light and tire our eyes. We can only read our last book on the IBook.

2) We can’t use Apple iPad to make phonecalls: too big to carry around

3) We can’t use it in the office: We type better on our keyboad. We also need a large screen to do 15  tasks at the same time.

4) We can’t use it at home: we like to type from the sofa at home. With our laptop we lay the keyboard on our legs, the screen will be in front of our eyes so we can use both hands to type or move around the pointer. Try to do that with a tool that doesn’t have a keyboard. Our spouses aren’t going to be willing to hold the IBook in front of our sofa, so we can use both hands to type.

5) We can’t use in the car. We have to drive

6) We can’t use it in the bus. Too unstable: the iTablet is meant to  be held in one hand while the other hand types and works. At first stop or sharp curve it will slip out of our hand. I won’t be usable in a crowded subway where anybody can easily grab and run out with our $1000 toy.


Will Cloudonimics (Cluod Economics) be the next “big thing”? April 27, 2009

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Cloud computing. One more battlegroung for Google and Microsoft

Cloud computing. One more battlegroung for Google and Microsoft

Google, Amazon, IBM and Ebay will probably have advantages in a “Cloud Economics” scenario.

Microsoft and maybe Apple could be damaged.

Solution to “no sound problem”
sudo vi /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base
Add the following line to the end of the file

options options snd-hda-intel model=laptop enable_msi=1


Asiainfo ASIA up 25% in 2 days before earnings. Did I learn from mistakes made with Apple and Va Software (LNUX)? October 24, 2007

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It is happening again: stock is showing outstanding gains right before the company reports on quarterly earnings. Asiainfo Holdings Inc. (ticker ASIA) is a Chinese software House that develops software mainly for Telecommunication companies.

Banging my head on wall…

Asia Info will “Announce Third Quarter 2007 Results on October 25, 2007” so on 23 and 24 October stock price skyrocketed up 25%, and hit my target of 40% raise since I bought it on February 2007. (more…)

Sold Apple today… as stupid as leaving a party right before the girls arrive.. October 22, 2007

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Girls dancing at a party

I sold 6 Apple shares today (ironically) a few hours before Apple reported earnings jumping 67%. I made many investing mistakes, but this one beats them all. Apple is 7% up in after-hour market

I did agree with most analysts that Apple was probably going to beat estimates. So why did I sell?

My free stocks strategy made me sell those 6 APL that were up 40% since I bought them. (more…)

I hate Apple (AAPL)! I will try to prove it is too expensive! June 19, 2007

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#*@§ !


Apple shares are horribly expensive. Apple products are too expensive too! Apple is the opposite of Low Cost Society that I want! I always hated Apple! I hate Apple now! I also hate the fact that I refused to buy Apple before. I hate the fact that Apple consistently proved me wrong as I said: “AAPL is too expensive”:

1 day price hike: +2.75%

5 days price hike: +2.85%

1 month price hike: +12.36%

3 months price hike: +38%

6 months price hike: +44%

1 year price hike: + 116%

5 years price hike: +1134%


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