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Is there a finance site for international stocks tha doesn’t suck? September 23, 2009

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It is surprising how stupid the Internet is sometimes. There is no way to find simple informations, like basic data for stocks traded on itnternational markets.

not easy to figure out data from ideograms

not easy to figure out data from ideograms

I don’t want much, just a place where I can find P/E ratio, dividends, debts earning growth and sales growth for companies traded all over the World.

So far there is no such website. Google finanace doesn’t give decent data outside USA. On yahoo finance you canfind something only if you start digging into places like yahoo. fr yahoo.it yahoo.es or yahoo.de, but you need some understanding of foreign languages. The real disaster is when you need data about Japaneese, Russian or Chinese comanies. Then you’re lost into ideograms with no hope of understanding. Anyway yahoo finance usually has very little data even on its internatrional portals.

The best place I found so far is msn . I could find some data on msn.es, msn.fr … and so on. At least I could spot p/e and dividends. The problem of ideograms is still there, but I don’t think there is anything better than msn available

Yea, financial gurus are there to “fool” us: look at The9 (NCTY), a rip off that was “The Best E-Commerce Stock for 2007: The9” according to Mothley fool stock Advisor Will Frankenhoff May 22, 2009

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We the people must beware of financial gurus. We must use our own heads.
GuruMotley fool stock advisorThe Best E-Commerce Stock for 2007: The9″

Then he explained:

”  I like The9 not only because it’s the purest play in the Chinese online gaming sector — deriving more than 98% of revenue from gaming services in the most recent quarter — but also because the company owns the Chinese rights to the world’s most popular online role-playing game: Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft (WOW). This is a game that is estimated by The New York Times to have generated $1 billion in revenue in 2006 alone, and Chinese gamers certainly seem to have been big contributors to the game’s record-breaking success.”

Two years ago I read those “Big Guru’s words” and posed on a Post on this Blog a simple vital question:

What will happen of this reseller of Vivendi’s software if Vivendi decides not to renew license agreement?

Today I got the answer from the news  to my simple question:


SOLF SOLARFUN POWER HOLDING, dirty cheap green bargain, even better than JASO September 16, 2008

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I heard on the radio about an investor who couldn’t figure out how such a good stock could have fallen so low. After some research, I found out that there is two main worries:

1) Polysilicon, the raw material used to make solar panels is become more expensive due to great request. Apparently Solar fun should have more troubles than others because SOLF does not have long term contracts.


Best stock for China Olympics? Suntech (STP) Solar panel producer August 6, 2008

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Smog and Olympics, not a very nice combination

Smog and Olympics, not a very nice combination

I did a nice experiment: I opened Google news and typed: China Olympics

70% of the articles that came out contained the one of the words: pollution, smog, grey sky.

Also 70% of the articles referred to human rights.

One of those articles is titled “Proud nation plays host and tourist in transformed capital”. Indeed China is a proud nation.

Unfortunately, no matter how many medals Chinese athletes will get, no matter how fast Chinese Economy will grow, the entire World will pity the Beijingese for having to breathe dirty air. And a proud nation doesn’t like to have a capital city pitied by everyone.

During Olympics games China shut all factories around Beiijin and stopped most of its cars. I’m sure the government will want to address the issue also on a longer term and not only in the capital city.

Fortunately China has a great resourse that can be part of its pollution fighting strategy: China has World’s largest solar panels producer: Suntech Power Holdings.

Suntech is a large company with its 8,000 employees. Suntech is now growing with Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):76.10%, and Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):113.80% just exporting its Solar Panels to Europe and US. When Chinese iternal market will add to that figure we will see a Baidu – like growth.

Adding to all that good news the fact that STP shares are not expensive with their Forward P/E:13.21, I could resist the temptation to add up to my 10 free STP shares that I got last year with my World famous free stock strategy.

I just bought 23 STP shares at $33.82 each spendig a total amount of $777.86

Medical in China may be key to invest in August. Candidates are: China Medical Technologies (CMED), (MR) Mindray Medical, (SCR) Simcere Pharmaceutical, (SSRX) 3SBIO Pharma, (WX) WuXi Pharmatech July 23, 2008

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Chinese Hospitals must be huge and many

Chinese Hospitals must be huge and many

When I see US Economy stuck and China Economy growing 10% pace my simple mind thinks:

1) I want to invest in China rather than in the US

2) I don’t want to invest in a Chinese company which exports to US

So I wonder… what will Chinese people spend on, as soon as they have some money in their pockets. The answer is easy. First on Cell phone, second on Health-care. Since I already am an happy owner of (CHL) China Mobile, China’s largest Cell Phone company, I should look at the Medical business.

CMED is a (healthy) health care company. China Medical Technologies provides tools for medical analysis, specially connected with fertility problems. CMED is quite expensive with Trailing P/E: 26 and Forward P/E: 15. What is interesting is the fact that China Medical Technologies is growing its Revenues 74.30% year on year. Earnings had a slower growth of 17.50%, but that is probably because the company is now mainly focused in gaining market shares and growing. CMED also pays a 1.00% dividend yield which is nice for such growth company.

MR is a larger than CME. Mindray had a nice growth: 8% yoy revenue growth 46% earnings growth yoy are strong and interesting. The fact that Mindray owns $313.84M of cash, about 8% of its Market Cap, is also pretty good.

(SCR) Simcere Pharmaceutical mainly produces generic pharmaceuticals which are good specially in an overpopulated and still poor country like China. Current P/E around 15 is an honest price-tag for a company that grew with Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):26.40% and Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):67.50%. Also 130 Millions cash are great news for a company that is valued as a whole 770 Million Market Cap.

(SSRX) 3SBIO is a Chinese biotech company that does biotech research for new pharmaceuticals. At 3SBIO they have already developed two good one:s EPIAO and TPIAO for blood diseases. Those two already guarantee Trailing P/E (yoy):16 and Forward P/E:12 which are excellent for a company that still plenty of cash for new research: SSRX owns 115.71M cash, more than half the market CAP 197.72M.

Market Cap: 195.99M. Meaning that half of this company’s price is made by cash.

(WX) WuXi Pharmatech is a Chinese – American company that offers services and products to Biotech research companies. I don’t like it because, from what I understood, it doesn’t do its own research, but gets pay by other biotech companies to help them. This should mean WX will never hit a Bingo. Also it is quite expensive, compared to the above: Trailing P/E :32.24, Forward P/E: 18.68. I must admit growth rates are impressing: Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):68.70%, Qtrly Earnings Growth :131.90%.

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