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Beware: Wall Street sharks on the move on VA Software (LNUX) again! May 7, 2007

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(LNUX) VA Software up 8% today: do not trade LNUX! Sharks (who may have good friends) are in action before earnings… Again… We, the small investors, shall BEWARE!

LNUX is up 14% since May 03, 2007 when VA Software Corportion (LNUX) announced that it will release its third quarter fiscal 2007 financial results on Thursday, May 24, 2007, after the close of market.

We are (ONCE AGAIN) seeing suspicious movements before Earnings are announced to the public.

What should we do?


If we sell shares now, we may give a big advantage to people who may know that those earnings are great.

If we buy shares now, we may give great advantage to people who may know those earnings are bad. Mabe they have bouth to cause this hike and sell at higher price. (more…)

LNUX teaches proletarian investor defence strategy against Insider Trading. February 24, 2006

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Let’s face it. There Big Guys out there have friends. Their friends are sometimes placed to give them first hand information. That is a fact of life. Rich affluent people help each other to get the best jobs for their children, and get the juiciest deals.


lnux stock doubled. Are insider traders getting rich? February 22, 2006

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lnux sock has arrived at 4.12. It was at 2 last week… but it rose 60% before the earning reports. Probably insiders gave out the earning data to their friends, before earning reports of course!

LNUX VA Software had a suspicious 57% hike in 7 days before last night’s good Q2 profit report. Did somebody know? Did I, proletarian investor, loose my money to traders linked to insiders? February 22, 2006

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If you read my Blog, you’ll know that I bought 1000$ of LNUX – VA Software, at 2$ each, last week, for various good reasons I also suggested that stock to other proletarians. Well the stock started to grow really fast. I decided to sell, at 3$ each, part of it to take my 1000$ back and remain with a few free stocks in my portfolio.

So you, fellow proletarians, could ask: well aren’t you a happy poor who got 400$ worth of free stock by your luck?

No I am not. I am an angry proletarian now. My fist is firmly shut.



A quiet week for the proletarian investors. What will economy do? February 20, 2006

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The situation is quite strange. GNP seems to be slowing down, at the same time companies post good earnings and the job market seems excellent. So what to do? Wait. Proletarian wait and see. The stock market is positive, but uncertain for the future. The bond market is a mess, because nobody really know Bernake, the new Federal Reserve leader. So let’s wait and see proletarians of the whole world!

What a luck! I wrote here I’d buy VA Linux (LNUX) on Monday… It grew 30% in 4 days! February 17, 2006

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30% growth in 5 days is amazing. There are two possibilities:

1) Milions of investors read my Blog, so they all bought LNUX and made it skyrocket.

2) I was a lucky proletarian investor this time and got a good guess!


VA Software Corp. (LNUX). A bargain Linux stock for the democratic investor. February 13, 2006

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Well there is a little mousetrap for us, the proletarian investors. This trap is dangerous and can get us anytime. It is like a siren singing from apparently safe waters and can get our boat on the rocks. It comes under several names on important newspapers or website that we are so silly to trust. Well we, the people have a great heart and we need someone to trust, even if deeply inside we know that the newspaper we read everyday is no better that the newspaper packed of lies that our neighbour, poor like we are, reads.

Well the siren’s song ready to sink our few left dollar comes under sweet names like: “Five undervalued stocks that can make a difference” (by making us more poor than we already are of course!)” Or “Best 10 high yield stocks” or” 15 strong right companies that are reasonably priced.”

When we start reading an article like that, we are already trapped! Among those stocks we definitely will find one (or dramatically 2) that seem really a bargain. We go on. We buy… and 3 days after the stock has lost 3% of its value!

This time the mousetrap where your proletarian friend is going to get trapped appeared on CNN ( http://money.cnn.com/2006/02/09/technology/fastforward_fortune/index.htm ) is named VA Software Corp. (LNUX). It is the parent company of Sourceforge and Slashdot, which are the most important community sites on the web, because they are used by the community which made the web: the programmers.


Good Morning proletarian investors of all the world. Stay away from today’s stock: Mandriva. February 10, 2006

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We are poor, but we have a big heart. That could unfortunately make us take wrong investment decisions based on appreciation for a beaten up puppy stock. Today I will tell you a (sad) story about Linux distribution editor Mandriva. It is a very small company, traded on the “Marche Libre”. Wich is like the OTC market in US… From which we proletarians should keep ourselves very far from…

But I have a big heart… (more…)

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