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LNUX VA Software had a suspicious 57% hike in 7 days before last night’s good Q2 profit report. Did somebody know? Did I, proletarian investor, loose my money to traders linked to insiders? February 22, 2006

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If you read my Blog, you’ll know that I bought 1000$ of LNUX – VA Software, at 2$ each, last week, for various good reasons I also suggested that stock to other proletarians. Well the stock started to grow really fast. I decided to sell, at 3$ each, part of it to take my 1000$ back and remain with a few free stocks in my portfolio.

So you, fellow proletarians, could ask: well aren’t you a happy poor who got 400$ worth of free stock by your luck?

No I am not. I am an angry proletarian now. My fist is firmly shut.


Simple! Because last night, with markets shut,  LNUX VA Software posted the first earning quarter in its history.  It reported net income for the second quarter of $10.5 million, or 17 cents per share, compared to a net loss of $702,000, or a penny a share, in last year’s second quarter.  Net revenue grew 57 percent to $14.7 million, compared to last year’s $9.4 million.

Imagining the company would report 17 cents earning per stock every Quarter, it would make 78 cents earning a year for a stock that I bought at 2$, I sold at 3$ and now costs $3.5. It would make a P/E of  5, incredibly a good deal for a high growth tech stock!

This shows how wonderful those results were. Somebody knew and I did not. I hate that. The proletarians like me get ripped off even when the guess right.

What should I do? Should I report what happened to some authority? Please help the poor investor whom somebody did wrong. 

Said that LNUX seems still a good buy, hoping the big corporate guys will become good guys too and will stop playing dirty tricks to us, the desperate, proletarian investors.


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