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Facebook is a good investment because Google Plus is a failure January 8, 2013

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High School Party

It’s like a rich kid in high school who discovered he wasn’t invited to a party, so he threw a better party and no one came.

Facebook’s edge over Google:

  • data on which Google is built ( web sites all over the World) is available to Facebook and to anyone able to build a spider.
  • data available to Facebook is locked.

Google’s edge over Facebook:

  1. much better technology
  2. much better mobile strategy
  3. much richer
  4. ads based on what you are searching for are much better than ads based on who you are. (more…)

My July and August stock picks: GOOGLE and GOOGLE August 1, 2010

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With Google under $500, I am summing up my July and August $1500 stock buys. So I’m investing $3000 on Google

Quantity 6,00
Price 493,77000
Currency USD
EUR-USD exchange rate 1,30160
Rateo lordo 0,00  USD
Ritenuta rateo 0,00  USD
Commissions 19,00  USD
Total 2.981,62 USD

I can’t resist Google at F P/E=16: I just bought 3 GOOG shares April 28, 2010

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I did it:

Bought 3 GOOG @ $528.6735 $-1,590.5205 Executed

I don’t care if Google was kicked out of China. Google still is a fast growing company, which is doing great now and which will do terrific if companies get back on advertising spending as the economy picks up.

Google is growing Revenue up 23% year on year, Earnings up 37%, has 26B cash, about 15% of its market cap.


In mobile computing era, can Blackberry (RIMM) and Nokia (NOK) keep up with Apple’s (AAPL) and Google’s (GOOG) innovation speed? January 18, 2010

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A BlackBerry, a Google phone Smart phone 'Nexus One' and an IPhoneA BlackBerry vs a Google phone Smart phone ‘Nexus One’ vs a cool IPhone

Facts that (amazingly) do not matter:

  • Google’s Nexus 2 is a phone that sucks
  • Many say that Apple’s IPhone is a phone that sucks
  • Blackberry is a great phone and is great for E-mail, Calendar and typing
  • Nokia sold great cell phones that work perfectly and are cheap to a Billion humans

If it was just cellphones or smartphones I’d:

  • immediately buy a big load of Research in Motion (RIMM) shares that are only priced 13 times forward earnings, 16 times current earnings. Cheap for a company which grew 40% last year and produces the only smartphone suitable for businesses and corporations.
  • or I’d get some shares  of NOKIA (NOK), which is still World market leader, yields 5% dividends, is priced 0.8 times current sales and has Forward P/E supposed to be 13.

Compared to Apple’s and Google’s Forward P/E in the twenties and P/Sales over 5 times, NOK and RIMM look good.

What scares me about RIMM is the fact that we’re moving toward mobile computing. Computing needs even faster innovation than mobile phones or palms or smartphones.

I think Apple and Google will innovate their products at such a speed that they will become great usable tools before everybody else can figure out how to cope with them.


Just sold 9 Google shares. I now own $5000 worth of free GOOG shares. December 25, 2009

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Google shares went up and down between $300 and $600 during last tumultuos 5 years. Thanks to my free stock strategy, several times I managed to buy low and sell high accumulatating 8 free Google shares worth about $5000.

Below the list of my buy and sell operations on GOOG shares. Everytime I managed to get all my money off the table, gain a few dollars and fill my chest of free GOOG shares.

7/1/2005        Buy 4 shares of GOOG @ $290.87/share    -$1163.48

11/3/2005        Sell 3 shares of GOOG @ $382.93/share    $1148.79



5 reasons why I bough 45 MSFT (Microsoft) shares 10 minutes ago June 4, 2009

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  1. It is hard to defeat the  giant. Google, Apple, The Open Source communty, all claim that Microsoft is evil and that their products are better. Still I am Blogging from Windows PC, and chances are you’re reading me using Microsoft software. It is not easy to change people’s habbits and Miscroft has shown great ability to defends its core markets, while competing on new markets, like mobile devices, Internet services, Gaming…  Things can change, but nobody has yet proven they can really hurt Microsoft
  2. We, the people want cheap stuff. Snobs can still pay twice as much to get same CPU and same RAM on a Mac, but I am not going to throw all that money on a sleek design. Most of the 6 Billion people on this planet wouldn’t do so either. Developing countries are adopting Windows. They can’t afford Apple’s cool stuff. (more…)

Will Cloudonimics (Cluod Economics) be the next “big thing”? April 27, 2009

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Cloud computing. One more battlegroung for Google and Microsoft

Cloud computing. One more battlegroung for Google and Microsoft

Google, Amazon, IBM and Ebay will probably have advantages in a “Cloud Economics” scenario.

Microsoft and maybe Apple could be damaged.

Solution to “no sound problem”
sudo vi /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base
Add the following line to the end of the file

options options snd-hda-intel model=laptop enable_msi=1


Google Finance or Yahoo finance. Which is better? April 20, 2008

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The best free online financial information service used to be Yahoo finance, but… Google continues to improve everything it does.

Now Google finance is the best for several reasons:

1) It charts are easy to use, fast, can be easily stretched over time and have wonderful small letters that connects charts to news. That way we can see why stocks had sudden hikes or falls.

2) Google Finance has more accurate data (more…)

I was right! Skype’s writedown by EBay was fake… We should start a class action! April 2, 2008

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Horrible things happen all the time to us small investors. This one makes me totally angry, because I have seen it come:

  1. On October 17 2007 Ebay posts a loss of $936 million for the third quarter loss because of Skype’s $1.39 billion write-down: someone at EBay said that $4.1 Billion paid for Skype was too much.
  2. My EBay shares tumbled 17% in a month because of that write-down
  3. On November 16, 2007 I posted on this Blog: “EBay, you don’t fool me! Everybody is selling because EBay posted losses for the first time since 1999… There is just a little detail: those losses don’t exist! Those losses were written by someone on some piece of paper to fool someone else.”
  4. In March 2008 Ebay reached -33%, losing a third of their value since October
  5. Today we read that Google wants to buy Skype at a price between $5 Billion and $6 Billion. Much more than the $4.1 initially paid by Ebay for Skype. I was right! The write-down was totally fake. Skype had increased its value as I demonstrated in November. The fake write-down cost Ebay shareholders billions of dollars. It was fake. I wrote it. Whoever is responsible for the idiot writedown should pay.

What will I chose in market packed with bargains like General Electrics (GE), Google (GOOG), STP Suntech Power, GOL, Mariott (MAR) Boing (BA) and many others? March 26, 2008

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I must be crazy. I see great bargains in the same Wall Street where big gurus see thunderstorms and danger. I feel just like one of those bargain hunters:

Bargains on Wall Street

My problem: too much choice of under-priced stocks! Not easy to pick.

  • I could get some more GE: P/E 16, forward P/E 13. Juicy dividend yield of 3.70%. revenue and earnings growing
  • I could get some more Google: Forward P/E 17. Yea they say their revenue and earnings growth may slow down. So what? Google is more successful than ever. Google’s growth in advertising revenue in 2007 in USA was larger than revenue growth of all other advertising seller summed together. Also Google has cash corresponding 10% of its market cap. Even if Google has a few quieter quarters, its fundamentals are as great as ever.
  • I could get some more STP Suntech Power: it is Worlds largest Solar panels producer. Everybody wants clean energy nowadays. That is why STP during last quarter had Revenue Growth: 82.50% earnings Growth (yoy):61.10%. I could get this stock as cheap as Forward P/E: 12 (more…)
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