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Just sold 9 Google shares. I now own $5000 worth of free GOOG shares. December 25, 2009

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Google shares went up and down between $300 and $600 during last tumultuos 5 years. Thanks to my free stock strategy, several times I managed to buy low and sell high accumulatating 8 free Google shares worth about $5000.

Below the list of my buy and sell operations on GOOG shares. Everytime I managed to get all my money off the table, gain a few dollars and fill my chest of free GOOG shares.

7/1/2005        Buy 4 shares of GOOG @ $290.87/share    -$1163.48

11/3/2005        Sell 3 shares of GOOG @ $382.93/share    $1148.79


4/27/2007        Buy 5 shares of GOOG @ $479.96/share    -$2399.80

6/21/2007        Buy 6 shares of GOOG @ $513.66/share    -$3081.96

10/24/2007        Sell 8 shares of GOOG @ $671.93/share    $5375.44


4/4/2008        Buy 9 shares of GOOG @ $462.18/share    -$4159.62

1/20/2009        Buy 4 shares of GOOG @ $291.35/share    -$1165.40

24/12/2009   Sell 9 shares of GOOG @ $605.43/share    $5449.77


Total amount is 8 GOOG shares worth $5000.

$ 5000 of free GOOGs is enough. I really hope that GOOG will not go back to $300 and I will non have to go through this nerve shaking buy and sell process again. From now on I want that Google shares go up continuosly making my 5000 grow by simple stock rise.

Happy 2010, fellow unskilled investors!

1/20/2009 Edit Delete Buy 4 shares of GOOG @ $291.35/share -$1165.40

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