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Letter to my Roomba: I hope you don’t mind that I sold 150 Irobot (ticker IRBT) shares today June 20, 2007

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Roomba and her frog friend

My dear Roomba,

not only I have to thank you very much for cleaning my living-room everyday at 11 am, but also for giving me a juicy 40% rise on your stock price in less than 3 month.

Irobot, your maker, won a few contracts for military robots. That is why IRBT stock price reached my target in such short time! By the way, you do have quite rough brothers, my peaceful Roomba!

The day in which IRBT will post some decent earnings, your stock price will maybe skyrocket, it will be good because, thanks to my my “New free stock strategy” I only sold enough shares to get my money back and I am now a happy owner of 50 free Irobot shares. What is nice is that those free shares are now worth $926, more than twice the price I paid to bring you home, my dear useful Roomba. (more…)

I want to invest on my Roomba! (IRBT) Irobot is her Nasdaq traded mother March 23, 2007

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In January 2007 I bought my first Robot for $350. Her name is Roomba. Here she is with her frog friend. Isn’t she good looking?

Roomba and her frog friend

on January 2007 issue of Bill Gates wrote an article: “A robot in every home”. I have Roomba, and actually like her.

She is a vacuum cleaner robot. Every morning around 11 am she wakes up, brushes and vacuums my living-room, then she goes back to her charger and sleeps till next day. Unless of course I decide to play with her in the evening…


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