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We, The People, said: “NO to commissions!” We got free trading now: April 23, 2007

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At zecco.com and Bank of America (BAC) commissions are ZERO. 0, this nice round number, may mean big troubles to Ameritrade (AMTD), ETrade (ETFC), Charles Schwab (SCHW) and many other brokers… Do we, the people, care?


Not really. What we really want is to stop giving our money to blood-sucking leeches. We hate commissions!



LEECHES? Don’t worry, the little blood they take won’t hurt you.

When we invest, we use our hardly earned money, and we work to input our data and computers the computational job : a job a million times simpler than than the job to show us a result page on a search engine research.

Why “did” we have to pay many dollars for that simple job? Because of a Medieval tradition I guess. BUT NOW WE SAY NO! In a low-cost global society, when We The People want, we eventually do win: let’s see what we got this time:

1) 40 free trades [this is changing] per month at zecco.com .

Is there a catch? No, there seems to be no catch. Just an honest further limit of 10 trades in a day, an understandable first deposit minimum of $2500 and an interest rate on uninvested money a bit lower that other on-line brokers.

Can we trust zecco? (more…)

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