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Taking the safer risky bet: I’m buying ALIBABA (BABA) rather than Vips April 30, 2015

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I feel a dangerous attraction: I like to buy recent IPOs below the IPO price.

It boosts my ego: ‘Hey, I am smarter then the “HIPE” guys!”

If flattens my laziness: “They had to go through all the uncomfortability of signing an IPO, then had to wait. Blah I do it now and at a better price with a simple click”.

Of course I know all that is wrong. I am likely to chose the companies that have lost momentum. Let’s say I was lucky with Facebook, so I am going for ALIBABA now.


SOHU – Sohu.com Inc: one more apparent bargain: a Chinese Internet company packed with cash and growing fast. February 7, 2012

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Sohu Stock

Sohu stock did not perform very well lately

Chinese stock market is full of gilded traps. I fell in one of those with SPU.

SOHU seems better

Order Detail

SOHU – Sohu.com Inc
Order Type:
Current Price:
Bid: $52.35   |
Ask: $52.40   |
Last: $52.37
Estimated Total:
$1,572.00 Debit – excludes commissions/fees
02/07/2012 10:48:22am (ET)

Order ID:
Order Entered:
02/07/2012 10:44:56am (ET) via Web
Order Status:
30 Executed 02/07/12, 10:44:57 AM (ET) @ $52.09
Total Cost:
$1,562.70 Debit – excludes commissions/fees


Risky bet on Ren Ren right after IPO. The Chinese Facebook is already on a rollercoster. May 6, 2011

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This is how I just gambled $ 972 on a crazy IPO on Ren Ren, a young company which supposedly should be the Chinese Facebook:

Symbol RENN Quantity 50 Shares
Date of Order0 5/04/2011 Time of Order 12:54 PM
Executed Price $19.33 Commission $4.95
Total for this Execution $-971.45

I did it this crazy bet for several reasons:

  1. Creative Maths… If  Baidu : Google = RenRen : Facebook , then $51B : $173B = x : $50B and x = $14.7B. If Renren reaches a Market Cap of $ 14 B, it means the stock has gone 10 times up (more…)

Bought 30 HMIN shares (Chinese Home Inns and Hotels Management) on September 30 October 6, 2010

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After exchanging a few ideas with Andrew about which kind of risk I like to take, I decided to actually take  risk for my September stock pick.

Chinese growing business community will need to travel and sleep out. So I chose HMIN, a large chain of economy hotels in China. This was my order on Etrade:

Thu Sep 30 11:55:36 2010 Buy 30 HMIN Executed @ $49.13

not very inviting Hotel by our standards, probably extremely cheap

What made me chose this hotel chain are its good growth numbers:

Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy): 25.70%

Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy): 35.30%


One more free stock for me: 3SBIO (SSRX) happily hit my +40% mark! November 23, 2009

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3SBio is a Chinese Biotech company.

I bought 110 SSRX shares on Aug 1 2008 for $9.15 each. I spent a total amount of $1001.5

Today I sold 77  SSRX shares @ $13.21. I made a total amount of $ 1017.17.

I am $11 richer and I do own 33  free  SSRX shares, which hopefully one day will make me rich, thanks to my free stocks strategy.

I bought 7 CEO CNOOC shares, late, hopefully not too late… October 13, 2009

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I wanted to buy the Chinese offshore oil company CNOOC in March .I  should have because CEO shares are 40% up now. Actually anybody should have bought about anything in March… markets are 60% higher!

Today I spent $1,028.37 to get 7 CEO shares ($146.13 each). If I had bought them in March I’d have 10 in my portfolio and some extra cash.

I chose this offshore oil company for several reasons:

1) China’s Economy is great. Not even the great recession could stop it.

2) Such liquidity may spur inflation. Oil is a commodity and it works as protection against inflation

3) Chinese car sales are up 80% from last year. I’m afraid there isn’t enough oil for all the World. Prices will go up.


Is there a finance site for international stocks tha doesn’t suck? September 23, 2009

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It is surprising how stupid the Internet is sometimes. There is no way to find simple informations, like basic data for stocks traded on itnternational markets.

not easy to figure out data from ideograms

not easy to figure out data from ideograms

I don’t want much, just a place where I can find P/E ratio, dividends, debts earning growth and sales growth for companies traded all over the World.

So far there is no such website. Google finanace doesn’t give decent data outside USA. On yahoo finance you canfind something only if you start digging into places like yahoo. fr yahoo.it yahoo.es or yahoo.de, but you need some understanding of foreign languages. The real disaster is when you need data about Japaneese, Russian or Chinese comanies. Then you’re lost into ideograms with no hope of understanding. Anyway yahoo finance usually has very little data even on its internatrional portals.

The best place I found so far is msn . I could find some data on msn.es, msn.fr … and so on. At least I could spot p/e and dividends. The problem of ideograms is still there, but I don’t think there is anything better than msn available

My last stock pick for 2008: I bought Sina Corporation (NasdaqGS: SINA) December 31, 2008

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I just bought 50 SINA shares, spending USD 23,84 each for a total amount of $ 1397.
I chose SINA because it is the best Chinese Advertising company. Advertising by SINA is made fopr Chinese consumer, so it is linked to the Chinese internal market, which will be the main leg for Chinese growth in tines in which export will be languishing.
China is reacting well and fast to the economical downturn.

Even in this market, I keep buying. China Mobile (CHL) looks like a safe bargain to me October 31, 2008

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I bought 20 China mobile shares at  USD  50,09 each, spending a total amount of $ 1000,18 fom my October monthly investment.

China Mobile didn't find an agreement with Apple

China Mobile didn't sign an Agreement with Apple, but...

I chose  world’s largest mobile operator for my October $1000 investment because:

1. it is cheap with P/E = 11, Forward P/E 10,
2. it grows Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy):17.90%  Quarterly Earnings Growth (yoy):44.70%
3. It is loaded with cash, $25 Billion, and no debts.
4. It gives out 3.5% dividend
5. More and more Chinese people are getting their first mobile phone

SOLF SOLARFUN POWER HOLDING, dirty cheap green bargain, even better than JASO September 16, 2008

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I heard on the radio about an investor who couldn’t figure out how such a good stock could have fallen so low. After some research, I found out that there is two main worries:

1) Polysilicon, the raw material used to make solar panels is become more expensive due to great request. Apparently Solar fun should have more troubles than others because SOLF does not have long term contracts.


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