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5 reasons why I bough 45 MSFT (Microsoft) shares 10 minutes ago June 4, 2009

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  1. It is hard to defeat the  giant. Google, Apple, The Open Source communty, all claim that Microsoft is evil and that their products are better. Still I am Blogging from Windows PC, and chances are you’re reading me using Microsoft software. It is not easy to change people’s habbits and Miscroft has shown great ability to defends its core markets, while competing on new markets, like mobile devices, Internet services, Gaming…  Things can change, but nobody has yet proven they can really hurt Microsoft
  2. We, the people want cheap stuff. Snobs can still pay twice as much to get same CPU and same RAM on a Mac, but I am not going to throw all that money on a sleek design. Most of the 6 Billion people on this planet wouldn’t do so either. Developing countries are adopting Windows. They can’t afford Apple’s cool stuff. (more…)

Bought 4 GOOG shares… again. Couldn’t resist World’s best company trading at FP/E=14 January 30, 2009

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My monthly stock pick had to be Google once again.

The company is loaded with cash: $15B on a market cap of $100B

Google is growing Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy): 18.10%

Even earnings, excluding some one-time expenses and stock option costs, are up from last year.

To me Google is the Economy of tomorrow at a bargain price. So I bought 4 GOOG shares at $ 296.5 each, for a total amount of $1.186

Even in this market, I keep buying. China Mobile (CHL) looks like a safe bargain to me October 31, 2008

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I bought 20 China mobile shares at  USD  50,09 each, spending a total amount of $ 1000,18 fom my October monthly investment.

China Mobile didn't find an agreement with Apple

China Mobile didn't sign an Agreement with Apple, but...

I chose  world’s largest mobile operator for my October $1000 investment because:

1. it is cheap with P/E = 11, Forward P/E 10,
2. it grows Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy):17.90%  Quarterly Earnings Growth (yoy):44.70%
3. It is loaded with cash, $25 Billion, and no debts.
4. It gives out 3.5% dividend
5. More and more Chinese people are getting their first mobile phone

Bargain stocks for May: HP (HPQ), Humana (HUM), Integrys Energy (TEG), EV Energy Partners (EVEP) April 22, 2008

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Bargains on Wall Street

In May I’ll have to chose a stock for my monthly $1000 investment. I see a market of opportunities. I’m looking at companies that should do pretty well even in a recession, but are priced at very low P/E ratios. The most interesting are HP (HPQ), Humana (HUM), Integrys Energy (TEG), EV Energy Partners (EVEP):

HP is cheap: Trailing P/E (ttm, intraday):16.39 Forward P/E (fye 31-Oct-09):12.26

HP is growing: Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):13.50% Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):37.90%

HP has more cash then debts and offers a little 0.7% dividend yield which is always welcome.

Humana is dirt cheap: P/E = 8.54. Unfortuantely at Humana they made a calculation mistake on their Medicare prescription – drugs plan. That will hurt their earnings for next year. Forward P/E= 13

Humana has been growing lately: Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):12.10% Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):56.90%

Humana is loaded with cash: $2.7B on a market Cap of $7.1B are made of cash. So 40% of its stock-price is made by plain cash. That makes Humana even cheaper.

Integrys (TEG) is an Energy and Natural gas utility based in Chicago.

TEG is cheap: Trailing P/E (ttm, intraday):13.72, Forward P/E= 13.5

TEG offers juicy 5% dividends and its business should be recession proof.

EV Energy Partners (EVEP) is also a nice oil and Gas company, offering juicy 8.3% dividends. It seems cheap: Trailing P/E (ttm, intraday):38.72 Forward P/E (fye 31-Dec-09) :6.81. Unfortunately EVEP has pretty large debts. About twice their yearly revenue.

What will I chose in market packed with bargains like General Electrics (GE), Google (GOOG), STP Suntech Power, GOL, Mariott (MAR) Boing (BA) and many others? March 26, 2008

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I must be crazy. I see great bargains in the same Wall Street where big gurus see thunderstorms and danger. I feel just like one of those bargain hunters:

Bargains on Wall Street

My problem: too much choice of under-priced stocks! Not easy to pick.

  • I could get some more GE: P/E 16, forward P/E 13. Juicy dividend yield of 3.70%. revenue and earnings growing
  • I could get some more Google: Forward P/E 17. Yea they say their revenue and earnings growth may slow down. So what? Google is more successful than ever. Google’s growth in advertising revenue in 2007 in USA was larger than revenue growth of all other advertising seller summed together. Also Google has cash corresponding 10% of its market cap. Even if Google has a few quieter quarters, its fundamentals are as great as ever.
  • I could get some more STP Suntech Power: it is Worlds largest Solar panels producer. Everybody wants clean energy nowadays. That is why STP during last quarter had Revenue Growth: 82.50% earnings Growth (yoy):61.10%. I could get this stock as cheap as Forward P/E: 12 (more…)
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