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I bought Luxottica (LUX) to take advantage of low Euro May 31, 2010

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Luxottica is World’s top eyeglasses producer. It is Italian and will enjoy great advantages as the EURO goes down. A large share of LUX’s revenues are in USD, most of its expenses are EURO.

Ray-ban brand belongs to Luxottica. Did Tom Cruise know that?

Brands owned by Luxottica: Ray-Ban, Oakley, Persol, Oliver Peoples, (more…)

Is there a finance site for international stocks tha doesn’t suck? September 23, 2009

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It is surprising how stupid the Internet is sometimes. There is no way to find simple informations, like basic data for stocks traded on itnternational markets.

not easy to figure out data from ideograms

not easy to figure out data from ideograms

I don’t want much, just a place where I can find P/E ratio, dividends, debts earning growth and sales growth for companies traded all over the World.

So far there is no such website. Google finanace doesn’t give decent data outside USA. On yahoo finance you canfind something only if you start digging into places like yahoo. fr yahoo.it yahoo.es or yahoo.de, but you need some understanding of foreign languages. The real disaster is when you need data about Japaneese, Russian or Chinese comanies. Then you’re lost into ideograms with no hope of understanding. Anyway yahoo finance usually has very little data even on its internatrional portals.

The best place I found so far is msn . I could find some data on msn.es, msn.fr … and so on. At least I could spot p/e and dividends. The problem of ideograms is still there, but I don’t think there is anything better than msn available

Time to buy in Europe? Just got Intesa San Paolo (BIT:ISP), best dividend yielding dog of the Eurostoxx January 17, 2008

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I think it is time to buy in Europe: which

  1. it is far enough from US Subprime troubles,
  2. has a more reliable currency
  3. does not have the unbalance of US Economy (importing and consuming too much) or of Asia (consuming too little, exporting too much and at risk if US customers cut spending.

Hopefully I found a way to get a bargain and still play safe on my monthly stock investment.

Intesa San Paolo is Italy’s largest bank,

  • did not have anything to do with US sub-prime chaos,
  • has good numbers,
  • is first among the “Dogs of the Eurostoxx 50”
  • offers 7% Dividend yield that should be sustainable in the long run.
  • has a honest P/E around 11.5
  • Analysts seem to estimate growing earnings and sales for 2008 (more…)

Dogs of the Eurostoxx 2008 January 10, 2008

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This is the new 10 “Dogs of the Eurostoxx” list for year 2008 (price and dividend on Jan, 9, 2008):

Ticker Name Price Dividend Yield
TIT.MI TELECOM ITALIA 2.05 0.14 6.83
GLE.PA STE GENERALE 96.57 5.20 5.38
ACA.PA CREDIT AGRICOLE 22.22 1.15 5.18
DBK.DE DEUTSCHE BANK 84.33 4.00 4.74
FTE.PA FRANCE TELECOM 25.79 1.20 4.65
BBVA.MC BBVA R 15.27 0.70 4.58
IBE.MC IBERDROLA 10.75 0.49 4.56
BNP.PA BNP PARIBAS 71.95 3.10 4.31

We can notice that half of those high yielding stocks are banks. This is the result of “subprime” turmoil on financial markets that heavily hit banks during second half of 2007. It happened in the US, but also hit European banks.

Comparing 2008 list with last year’s dogs of the Eurostoxx we notice that only

  • Telecom Italia (same dividend, lover price),
  • Société Générale(higher dividend, lower price),
  • Deutsche Telekom (same dividend, higher price)
  • and France Télécom (higher dividend, higher price)

are still in the list.

With high risks on stock markets, rates pointing down, recession fears for US Economy and US dollars sliding, it may be interesting to invest on those European large companies that should yield good cash. I will probably do so. It will take me a few months to buy them all, because I only own Telecom Italia and Deutsche Telekom so far. I will start buying Intesa San Paolo, Italy’s largest bank, which yields juicy 7.29%. (more…)

Lloyds TSB Group (LYG) high dividend Bank stock yields 7% November 20, 2007

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This British stock seems great:

  • Cheap:
    • Trailing P/E: 8.42
    • Forward P/E : 8.15
  • Growing well:
    • Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy): 24.30%
    • Quarterly Earnings Growth (yoy): 26.90%
  • Offering excellent dividends:
    • Dividend Yield 7%

There is just a couple of questions should scare uneducated investors like me:

  1. Is Lloyds TSB Group involved with Subprime mess?
  2. Will it be able to continue giving such juicy dividends? (more…)

6 facts tell me to bet on Eastern Europe stocks (or ETFs…) April 16, 2007

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Let’s look at a few facts:

1) Western European Economy is finally taking off.

2) Germany is the locomotive of European growth.

3) Euro currency is at very high level.

4) European Community is enlarging itself eastward.

5) Russia is the largest and richest of commodities country in the World.

6) Eastern Europe still has a very cheap workforce.

Map of Eastern Europe

Looking at those facts and at this map , I have decided to invest in Eastern Europe: Germany has borders with the Czech Republic and Poland and is only a few hours of truck away from other Eastern European countries.


Fastweb (FWB): IPO pioneers lose 68% on “friendly takeover bid”. Sad story for “we, the people” March 12, 2007

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We, the people, sometimes lose money even when we decide to bet on the good horse.


This is the story (without… happy hand):


(VIV.PA) Vivendi: I did it again! Another compulsive stock purchase which I should have avoided: March 7, 2007

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It is done.

I bought VIV.PA Vivendi compulsively. Vivenndi is a fast growing global media group which pays 4% dividend yield… And… Now I feel like an on-diet young woman still in front of the fridge aver having eaten a full jar of chocolate ice-cream…


I feel like a compulsive gambler after he has again lost more than he could afford… I feel like a student who was supposed to wake up at 4 am to finish his homework, but then smashed the alarm clock…

I feel like we, the people, all feel every-time we do (again) something we had decided not to do.

Why I should NOT have bought VIV.PA

1) Because my strategy only allows me one purchase worth 1000 every month


why did I buy 70 (DT) Deutsche Telekom shares? February 5, 2007

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1)  I wrote I would

2) DT it the third member of the Dogs of the Eurostoxx 30  and I like to follow the Dogs strategy

3) It pays hefty dividends 5.20%

4) I want to invest in Europe. European economy is restarting now. Many “big-wise-smart-super experts” say that US economy is unstable because is sitting on a huge debt, by the Federal government and by US citizens, and because of the “Twin Deficit”: Federal deficit and Foreign Trade Deficit

5) DT is slowly paying off its debts.


Why maybe I should not have bought DT Deutsche Telekom: (more…)

The Dogs of the Eurostoxx 50 2007 January 31, 2007

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link to new Dogs of the Eurostoxx 50 2008

We, the people, love dividends. We like them because we always have to work and at least when we invest we want to see money flow on our bank accounts without having to work for once. We like dividends because we trust companies that are able to pay cash year after year. The Dogs of the Dow are well known. They are the 10 stocks that deliver the best dividends among the 30 stocks that are included in famous Dow Jones Industrial Average. But there are dogs also outside USA. Here I present a nice table of the Dogs of the Eurostoxx 50, which is the index of 50 most important companies. The Dogs are the best 10 dividend payers.

The Dogs of the urostoxx 50 1/1/2007

Stock Yield dividend price p/E 52-Week change
Telecom Italia 6,1% €0,14 €2,29 13,5 6,9%
ENEL 5,6% €0,44 €7,82 15,3 +17,8%
Deutsche Telekom 5,2% €0,72 €13,84 14,4 -1,7%
France Télécom 4,8% €1 €21,05 11,6 +0,3%
ABN Amro 4,5% €1,10 €24,35 10,5 +10,2%
Eni 4,3% €1,10 €25,48 9,7 +8,8%
Fortis 3,6% €1,16 €32,31 10 +20,2%
ING 3,5% €1,18 €33,59 9,8 +14,6%
Société Générale 3,5% €4,50 €128,60 10,4 +23,8%
Telefónica 3,4% €0,55 €16,12 13,5 +27,1%


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