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5 reasons why I bough 45 MSFT (Microsoft) shares 10 minutes ago June 4, 2009

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  1. It is hard to defeat the  giant. Google, Apple, The Open Source communty, all claim that Microsoft is evil and that their products are better. Still I am Blogging from Windows PC, and chances are you’re reading me using Microsoft software. It is not easy to change people’s habbits and Miscroft has shown great ability to defends its core markets, while competing on new markets, like mobile devices, Internet services, Gaming…  Things can change, but nobody has yet proven they can really hurt Microsoft
  2. We, the people want cheap stuff. Snobs can still pay twice as much to get same CPU and same RAM on a Mac, but I am not going to throw all that money on a sleek design. Most of the 6 Billion people on this planet wouldn’t do so either. Developing countries are adopting Windows. They can’t afford Apple’s cool stuff. (more…)

Bought 4 GOOG shares… again. Couldn’t resist World’s best company trading at FP/E=14 January 30, 2009

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My monthly stock pick had to be Google once again.

The company is loaded with cash: $15B on a market cap of $100B

Google is growing Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy): 18.10%

Even earnings, excluding some one-time expenses and stock option costs, are up from last year.

To me Google is the Economy of tomorrow at a bargain price. So I bought 4 GOOG shares at $ 296.5 each, for a total amount of $1.186

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