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Sanctions on Microsoft: USA should impose duties on European imports February 27, 2008

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European Union is finding a new interesting way to finance its huge bureaucracy: they impose billion dollars sanctions on Microsoft. Yesterday they imposed one worth $1.3 Billions. A previous sanction worth $600 million was imposed a few years ago and there is a few more on the way. (more…)

WB Wachovia or C Citycorp when it is time for proletarians to own banks? May 31, 2006

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Yes it is time for us, the people, the poor to own the same banks where we humbly enter intimidated by the magnificence of their solid institutional looks. That mainly for two reasons:

1) We understand very well what banks do (and do to us, their humble customers!)

2) Us banks are extremely successful and competitive businesses amazingly cheap to buy.

3) We can now buy banks for peanuts… Yes I already said that on 2)… But I like the idea, don’t you?

4) I believe that World (and US) economy is still strong and stock prices will soon restart to grow.



F is so cheap that I buy betting on mere survival. Even Fiat (FIA) could make it. I bet Ford (F) will too. May 4, 2006

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Ford can make it. In my opinion Ford can manage to make decent earnings, can bring its debt out of its junk status and can even stop loosing market shares to Toyota and friends.

For a company priced 0.07 times its sales it would mean a big big gain for stock holders, considering for instance that Toyota has a 16 times higher price of 1.11 times its sales.

Why do I think F can make it? Several reasons, among which the most original and interesting is that even little and troubled Italian car constructor Fiat (FIA) seems to have made it. (more…)

GM: General Motors, symbol of the disaster of “Old Economy” in the simple times when proletarians were just proletarians and not yet “democratic investors” like us. May 3, 2006

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GM: Seems to me a symbol: there was a time when, in western developed world, capitalists were masters and we, the people, had a clear view of who was our enemy. They were plain old bad rich men. We were the workers, we had to build unions to protect our rights and we had to fight great epical battles in month long bloody strikes to obtain better conditions of life and a wage which was abut enough to raise a family.

And now? (more…)

One controversial Dog of the Dow: Bank of America Corp. April 5, 2006

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4.40% dividend yield seems lovely, doesn't it? Unfortunately there are some drawbacks to this stock. The company is not growing. Revenue and earnings are going down. They are also forecasted to continue going down. Other major banks like Citycorp < C > are growing revenue and earnings. 


What the heck is New Century Financial Corp ? Why does it give juicy dividend yield of 15% ? Why does it have a P/E 6? April 3, 2006

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This is what I am going to try and find out… By reading on news.google.com I find out that:

New Century Financial Rose To Over A 7-Month High Trading Markets – 23 Mar 2006

And also that:New Century Financial CEO got $1.07M bonus for 2005 MarketWatch – 22 Mar 2006

It seems all right. Then reading around I find that the mortgage business is being beaten down. Is it? Then why are dividend yield forecasts so juicy? Why are earning so high that they result into a P/E ratio of 6?


Payout Ratio: important word for the democratic investor’s dictionary. March 10, 2006

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We, the people, like very much dividends. But we only like dividends that continue to grow in the future. Payout Ratio can help you figure out what may happen to dividends in the future. (more…)

C (Citycorp) a strong Dog (of the Dow) with jucy 3.90% dividend yield. March 6, 2006

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Citycorp is a big bank, and we the proletarians know very well what banks do. Where we understand, there I may buy.

We proletarians like dogs (of the Dow). Our dog should be a cheap dog. We can’t afford pedigree prize winners. Our Dog of Dow should be strong enough to protect us and our few belongings, considering the tough neighborhoods where we, poor investors, often live.

C (Citycorp) happens to be all that.


GNP growth slows down. What does the savy proletarian investor do? February 16, 2006

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Gross national product (GNP) is the dollar value of a country’s final output of goods and services in a year. It is the most important figure showing how the economy is going… It is so important that often professional investors don’t look at it. It is like the big large name writen on a map. It is easy to overllok it by searching for small prints.

As a matter of fact a very disappointing figure on GNP growth came out a couple of weeks ago, but the stock market did not react to it. We should not forget it while taking our decisions.

It is time to be more careful with stocks. We need to chose Dogs of The Dow kind of stocks that pay high dividens, and to start selling some stock which has made us smile with good returns. We can start buying some short term bonds… Do all that quietly, just in case next figure of GNP growth was low as well… Maybe if that happens some of the big guys (the rich) will notice and will send the stock market in negative area.

We could also imagine buying some high growth China stock… Just in case 🙂

Let’s stop being the Zebra eaten by the capitalist lion! February 9, 2006

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We can together find the right investments, invest a few dollars every month, or every year, or once and become ourselves owners of the companies we like. Of course we will become welthier in the process of doing so.

proletarian zebra

Let’s start now. The more fortunate proletarian does not only have children, he or she even owns a dog. A good start on the investing market is the proletarian dog. There are certain stocks, called dogs of the dow ( http://www.dogsofthedow.com/dogs2006.htm

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