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GOOG guys think they are gods: Google about to solve World’s energy and enviroment problems November 28, 2007

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Greek Gods Schmidt, Brin and Page


This is not a Joke:

Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin and Larry Page (alias Zeus, Apollo and Prometheus) will be so kind to take some of their precious time (and of Google’s money) to solve a couple of World’s problems:

1) Cheap Energy

2) Environmental Protection

We humans are so lucky for what Zeus Apollo and Prometheus are going to give us:

” Our goal is to produce one gigawatt of renewable energy capacity that is cheaper than coal. We are optimistic this can be done in years, not decades,”. Larry Page did really say so!


With HOKU it’s a “free stocks” landslide: sold 110 HOKU SCIENTIFIC at + 40% June 26, 2007

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…And 3 hours later went up + 52%…

Hoku is also the name of a good looking model

Let’s calm down a bit and tell the whole story (which is an example of how to “sell earn and cry“)

1) On Apr 27, 2006 I bought 150 HOKU shares at $7 each, spending a total sum of $1050. I mainly did it because it was one of the few green high tech ( hydrogen cells) companies which did actually have earnings. I knew it was a crazy move

2) A short time later HOKU was down 60% because they seemed to give up their hydrogen cell technology to build polysilicon for solar plants. That way HOKU admitted that their “Proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells” wasn’t good enough. I inserted HOKU in my “investing mistakes” list, but did not sell it. I never sell a stock unless it goes 40% up. (more…)

Why did (TSL) Trina Solar go up 60% in 45 days? No clue, but buying Trina was my best stock guess ever April 16, 2007

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I bought 24 TSL at $ 42 each spending $1008 on March the first, right after the big 9% fall of Shanghai markets. I was totally uncertain. I called my decision “crazy choice” on the post I wrote the day I bought Trina Solar.


I promised I’d buy on March 1th. Trina Solar TSL is my crazy choice in times of financial storms March 1, 2007

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Everything seems wrong in this decision, except maybe the fact that it is environmentally friendly…

Solar panels

1) I know very little about TSL. Even on yahoo finance most numbers are missing.

2) An uninformed investor like me should never buy in times of unstable markets, like this week

3) China is the most unstable stock market in the big blue globe.


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