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GOOG guys think they are gods: Google about to solve World’s energy and enviroment problems November 28, 2007

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Greek Gods Schmidt, Brin and Page


This is not a Joke:

Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin and Larry Page (alias Zeus, Apollo and Prometheus) will be so kind to take some of their precious time (and of Google’s money) to solve a couple of World’s problems:

1) Cheap Energy

2) Environmental Protection

We humans are so lucky for what Zeus Apollo and Prometheus are going to give us:

” Our goal is to produce one gigawatt of renewable energy capacity that is cheaper than coal. We are optimistic this can be done in years, not decades,”. Larry Page did really say so!

Google is going to invest heavily in this project: “hundreds of millions of dollars”. From Google investments boring Nuclear and Hydroelectric energy are excluded: they already work too well. Everybody can do that, gods don’t need to be involved.

As a human I should rejoice for God’s kindness. As Google shareholder I am am puzzled:

GOOG that, so far, hasn’t been able to make a cent outside its core search engine business, that has already failed with e-commerce, with electronic payments, with online office software and has shut many of its “revolutionary” projects, is now about to change World’s cellular phone market and the way the World produces energy.

As shareholder I can complain, but not too much. Even though I am convinced that all those projects are just playgrounds for Zeus, Apollo and Prometheus, still Google’s core-business is delivering such wonderful results:

Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy):57.30%

Quarterly Earnings Growth (yoy):45.90%

Total Cash: 13.09B

Those are awesome results. At GOOG, They are making so much cash that they don’t know how to spend it. After all it is better that Goggle throws Millons on charity-like projects, rather than waste Billions on overpaying stupid useless companies like Doubleclick.

To be honest, I must admit that hated Bill Gates has more style: he finances his large charity projects with his own money, not using Microsoft’s huge cash reserve.


1. deminvest - November 28, 2007

Maybe I should I be scared and decide to sell my Suntech (STP) shares: how can Suntech resist?
STP produces solar panels since 2001 and only has 3,284 full time employees in China. STP “only” doubled its earnings and revenue since last year… But Google is better! They will probably make solar panels that cost 90% less than STP’s products.

Maybe I should be more scared and also sell my Nokia and Apple shares. They’ll never be able to compete with Google Phone!

Hmm I think I will keep GOOG for its search engine, STP for its solar panels and NOK for its cell phones!

2. Kevin - November 28, 2007

Haven’t the Gods heard of dividends? If you have so much cash you don’t know what to do with it you can diworsify or you can give a dividend. It looks like when Google does the diworsification and Microsoft follows suit to look competitive. But this is what we get for accepting Google’s tierred stocks. The Gods have enough of the stock to monopolize votes.

Maybe a Promethiums will come about and steal the God’s fire.

3. deminvest - November 28, 2007

You’re right Kevin. They should use at least part of their cash to give us dividends. Microsoft does give dividend yielding 1.3%. They could do more, but it is better than Google’s nothing.

No hope to get dividends from those playful boys… those gods, convinced they can solve Worlds energy and environment problems, will never give dividends to us, humble humans, who would maybe use them for something boring like… pay our bills!

4. masteroftheuniverse - November 28, 2007

I’ve done better scalping GOOG than I ever would have if I bought it at the IPO. You can play their key reversals all day long and make decent money.

Google is the world’s largest Ad Agency, and despite their counterculture image, they’re greedy bastards.

Good post.


5. deminvest - November 28, 2007

Jeff, I’ve always been fascinated by day-traders and scalpers. I can’t do it and I’ve heard it is quite difficult, but gaining both when stocks go up and go down is really fascinating. Good luck and congrats for scalping well on GOOG… They deserve it 🙂

6. masteroftheuniverse - November 30, 2007

I love to stick it to GOOG, MSFT, and WMT whenever I can. It’s a mission handed to me from God himself and is the patriotic thing to do.


7. deminvest - November 30, 2007

btw I do own GOOG, MSFT, and WMT:
GOOG is free, MSFT up 20% and WMT down 6%. So please don’t hit on them to heavily with your scalper friends 🙂

8. masteroftheuniverse - November 30, 2007

I only scalp them when they get stretched out of range and I think I can pull a few cents out of the trade. My trading is pretty even between long and short scalping so it all evens out.

9. Phred - January 16, 2008

Well maybe they are only looking to find the many, MANY alternative energy ventures popping up. They were the money people behind the Telsa Roadster!

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