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Today I will buy a 7% yielding high risk Municipal Bonds ETF: HYD Market Vectors High-Yield Municipal Index ETF April 27, 2009

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municipal bonds are bonds by localadministrations

municipal bonds are bonds by local administrations

US government bailed out automakers and banks. Will Obama let local administrations fail?

Since my opinion is that US government will bail out local administrations, I am buying a 7% yielding municipal bond ETF.

Market Vectors High-Yield Municipal Index ETF [HYD] is high risk, it buys bods that are even below investment grade. Here is some data:


here is the prospect:


Did Greater China Fund (GCH) tumble 30% today? December 20, 2007

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GCH Greater China Fund did NOT really tumble 30% today. GCH shareholders did not lose money on GCH today!

I opened with this simple crystal clear sentence, so all desperate investors like will start smiling… or breathing… again.

I will explain… Actually not yet… I was so desperate when I looked on Google finance where it seemed GCH -30%, that I don’t want anyone go trough this like me. You may believe more to Google than to my explanations (I would) so I’ll give you the LINK TO OFFICIAL GCH website, where you’ll know you haven’t lost money on GCH today.

Now that everybody should be reassured, I will try to explain what I understood:

GCH stock price went down $11.30 today at opening only because GCH will pay $11.30 per share cash to us stockholders. (more…)

Got JNJ last month. Now I’ll chose India Fund IFN over Wipro WIT and Boeing BA October 25, 2007

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In September I was undecided between those 4 options: Johnson & Johnson JNJ, India Fund IFN, Wipro WIT or Boeing BA: Graph

Powerful Indian stock markets

I took JNJ because of its good numbers, because it could be a safe heaven in times of markets turmoil and because I was convinced by other investor that it was the right choice. Now I have to make my October investment choice.

I think I will get IFN today. In September, I wrote: “ India Fund because I still think India has great opportunities and this closed end fund is trading at a favourable 10% discount. I called this fund a rip off when is used to trade at 30% premium, but now it is undervalued. Also IFN owns shares of many excellent Indian companies that are not available for Western investors.”


6 facts tell me to bet on Eastern Europe stocks (or ETFs…) April 16, 2007

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Let’s look at a few facts:

1) Western European Economy is finally taking off.

2) Germany is the locomotive of European growth.

3) Euro currency is at very high level.

4) European Community is enlarging itself eastward.

5) Russia is the largest and richest of commodities country in the World.

6) Eastern Europe still has a very cheap workforce.

Map of Eastern Europe

Looking at those facts and at this map , I have decided to invest in Eastern Europe: Germany has borders with the Czech Republic and Poland and is only a few hours of truck away from other Eastern European countries.


(IXIC) Nasdaq: the worst index in the world. Is it time to jump on Nasdaq? February 13, 2007

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In year-span 2004-2006 NASDAQ was up 23% while:

S&P 500 was up 35%, Europe up 65%, Japan up 45%, emerging markets up 100%.

So NASDAQ really underperformed. (more…)

My Chinese dangerous move: from FXI to GCH, from old to new China. March 30, 2006

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Just a few days ago I told you that we can be at the same time proletarians home and capitalists in China. Well as I wrote that, I bought the largest and most common ETF for China it is called iShares FTSE Xinhua China 25, better known by its ticker: FXI.

Only two weeks later (and a hefty 4% gain) I decided to switch on a smaller, much riskier but extremely interesting pick: Greater China Fund Inc. ticker: GCH.

I did that because FXI seems the past of China and GCH the future. Also, to be honest, you all know my worker's weakness: I love dividends because they come to me without having to work. Well GCH yields 6 % cash! (more…)

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