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Sold Chevron, Intel and Nvidia yesterday, to cash in gains in such uncertain times. September 5, 2007

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My “free shares strategy tells me to wait till a stock goes up 40%, then sell enough of it to get my invested money back. This time I went a little bit out of the strategy and got back my invested money on 3 stocks that were up 30% only:

Ticker Company Transaction date shares sold price
NVDA NVIDIA Corporation Sell Sep 4, 2007 19.00 51.85
INTC Intel Corporation Sell Sep 4, 2007 40.00 26.26
CVX Chevron Corporation Sell Sep 4, 2007 12.00 88.44

I went out of my strategy because I don’t like how Wall Street looks. (more…)

Chevron (CVX) is my easy pick for August investment. Amazingly cheaper than other oil companies like Exxon (XOM) or Total (TOT) August 30, 2006

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We proletarian investors do not have chances to get first hand information about stocks, but we can read numbers. When I see lovely bargain numbers in a healthy company that I understand well like Chevron I buy.

CVS has P/E: 9.06, forward P/E: 8.37.

Now compare it to XOM: P/E:10.86 forward P/E:10.90. CVX is much cheaper and also expected to grow. CVS has also better P/E ratios than TOT.

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