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I bought 7 CEO CNOOC shares, late, hopefully not too late… October 13, 2009

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I wanted to buy the Chinese offshore oil company CNOOC in March .I  should have because CEO shares are 40% up now. Actually anybody should have bought about anything in March… markets are 60% higher!

Today I spent $1,028.37 to get 7 CEO shares ($146.13 each). If I had bought them in March I’d have 10 in my portfolio and some extra cash.

I chose this offshore oil company for several reasons:

1) China’s Economy is great. Not even the great recession could stop it.

2) Such liquidity may spur inflation. Oil is a commodity and it works as protection against inflation

3) Chinese car sales are up 80% from last year. I’m afraid there isn’t enough oil for all the World. Prices will go up.


I’ll buy a great bargain stock in 5 minutes: Advantage Energy Income Fund AAV, a natural gas company which yields 12.4% dividends April 7, 2008

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Canadia Gas Drilling

Thanks to Patient Investing Blog for discovering this hidden Canadian gem:

  • It is a natural gas and oil company. Which such high price of those commodities, it will do good
  • it is actually doing good: Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy):35.00%. Quarterly Earnings Growth (yoy):57.90%
  • it offers amazing dividends: Trailing Annual Dividend Yield:14.40% (more…)
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