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Time to invest on good China ADR value stocks. Here is the complete list of all China ADR listed on Wall Street. Editor’s choice will follow May 19, 2008

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Workers willing to endure this to go to work will make their companies rich:

A country which has a Billion of such workers can make us foreign investors wealthy too. Did you know that half of China’s export belongs to Wall Street traded companies?

Largest China exporters traded on Wall Street are US Companies who produce in China, but the fastest growing are ADRs. ADRs are Chinese companies traded in Wall Street.

What is really interesting about those ADRs it that, even though Chinese economy is still growing at full speed, Chinese ADR stock price has fallen. As a matter of fact, Shanghai Composite Index went down 40% during last 7 months.

In my opinion, it is time to take advantage of some bargaining opportunity on Chinese ADS listed on Wall Street.

Here is the complete list of all US listed Chinese ADR:

Stock Company Industry Group
ACH Aluminum Corporation of China Materials
ACTS Actions Semiconductor Semiconductors
AIRYY Air China Transportation
ANGGY Angang Steel Materials
ATV Acorn Retailing
BCAHY Brilliance China Automotive Autos & Components
BIDU Baidu.com Software & Services
CEA China Eastern Airlines Transportation
CEO China National Offshore Oil-CNOOC Energy
CHA China Telecom Telecomm Services
CHL China Mobile Telecomm Services
CHOLY China Oilfield Services Energy
CHU China Unicom Telecomm Services
CHWTY China Wireless Technologies Technology Hware & Equip
CMED China Medical Technologies Health Care Equip & Servic
CNTF China Techfaith Wireless Communication Technology Hware & Equip
CSDXY China Shipping Development Transportation
CSUN China Sunergy Capital Goods
CTRP CTrip.com International Consumer Services
DIPGY Datang International Power Generation Utilities
EDU New Oriental Education & Technology Consumer Services
EJ E-House (China) Holdings Real Estate
FMCN Focus Media Media
GRRF China GrenTech Technology Hware & Equip
GSH Guangshen Railway Transportation
HMIN Home Inns & Hotels Management Consumer Services
HNP Huaneng Power International Utilities
HRAY Hurray! Software & Services
JASO JA Solar Capital Goods
JEXYY Jiangsu Expressway Transportation
JIXAY Jiangxi Copper Materials
JOBS 51job Commercial Serv & Supp
JRJC China Finance Online Software & Services
KONG KongZhong Software & Services
LDK LDK Solar Semiconductors
LFC China Life Insurance Insurance
LONG eLong Consumer Services
LTON Linktone Telecomm Services
MR Mindray Medical International Health Care Equip & Servic
NCTY The9 Software & Services
NINE Ninetowns Internet Technology Software & Services
NTES Netease.com Software & Services
PNGAY Ping An Insurance Company of China Insurance
PTR PetroChina Energy
PWRD Perfect World Software & Services
SCR Simcere Pharmaceutical Pharma, Biotech
SHI Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Materials
SNDA Shanda Interactive Entertainment Software & Services
SNP China Petroleum & Chemical Energy
SOLF Solarfun Power Capital Goods
SPRD Spreadtrum Communications Semiconductors
SSRX 3SBIO Pharma, Biotech
STP Suntech Power Capital Goods
TCEPY Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Commercial Serv & Supp
TCM Tongjitang Chinese Medicines Pharma, Biotech
TSGTY Tsingtao Brewery Food Beverage & Tobacco
TSL Trina Solar Semiconductors
VIMC Vimicro International Semiconductors
WX WuXi Pharmatech Pharma, Biotech
XFML Xinhua Finance Media Media
YGE Yingli Green Energy Capital Goods
YZC Yanzhou Coal Mining Energy
ZHEXY Zhejiang Expressway Transportation
ZNH China Southern Airlines Transportation

Let’s give them a closer look to most interesting among them:

ACH Allumium Corporation of China. Very good company. I own 12 free ACH shares.


AIRYY: Air China, uninteresting pink sheets

ANGGY: ANGANG STEEL CO LTD, PINK sheets, not interesting

ATV Acorn   is a  Retailer in China which is not growing at all. I’ll stay away from it.

BCAHY    Brilliance China Automotive   Pink sheet for Autos & Components. I don’t do pink!

BIDU, Baidu is a great Company. It is is China’s Google. I only own 2 free BIDU shares, they are now worth $742. Baidu, just like Google, doens’t like stock splits.

CEA China Eastern Airlines Corp. looks good with P/E 15, but has large debts and I want to stay far from airlines with such high oil and gas prices.

CEO CNOOC is an oil company. It is very healthy, has plenty of cash is growing revenues 20% yoy and earnings 15 yoy. It is is reasonably priced 20 times its current earning and 10 times its future expected earnigs, although now gas prices are government controlled. That could cut future earnings. CEO Gives out 2% yielding dividends.

CHL China Mobile Limited is one of my best stocks . China Mobile is World’s largest mobile phone operator with 400 Million customers, growing well: Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):20.20%, Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):37.10%. It is cheap: Trailing P/E (ttm, intraday):26.8, Forward P/E (fye 31-Dec-09):19.58. It offers nice dividends: Forward Annual Dividend Yield:2.10%. China Mobile has $20B cash and no debt. CHL is close to my idea of perfect company. I own 7 free CHL shares.

CHOLY is pink

CHU    China Unicom  is a  Telecommunications Services  company. Not growing and too expensive with P/E around 20.
CHWTY    China Wireless Technologies    Technology Hware & Equip   is pink and I don’t do pink
CMED    China Medical Technologies    Health Care Equip & Servic
CNTF    China Techfaith Wireless Communication    Technology Hware & Equip

CSDXY Chian Shipping CO, not for me: not listed on main markets, just pink sheets market.

DIPGY Datang is a pink sheet company. I’m not interested

EDU New Oriental Education & Technology Group is quite interesting. EDU offers Eunglish courses all over China, operate private schools. In my opinion is a bit expensive (Trailing P/E (ttm, intraday):60.68 Forward P/E:44.99) considering it is growth is only around 30%.

EJ E-House Holdings is a very interesting Chinese Real Estate broker. It is growing well ( Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):45.80%, Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):31.80%). It is reasonably priced (Trailing P/E:27.98 Forward P/E:13.28). I has plenty of cash, no debts.

FNCM Focus Media is an audiovisual out of home advertising broker. They sell Ad space on screens installed all ove China, they buy minutes in movie theaters advertising. Focusmedia is growing well because Chines internal market is growing fast. Numbers call fro great respect: Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):175.00%, Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):45.60%. It is not too expensive: Trailing P/E:34.33, Forward P/E:15.55

JASO JA Solar Holdings Co, is a very nice solar panel producer Forward P/E 16.42, its stock price has always pointed up. JASO had a nice Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):201.00%, but I prefer larger players like STP in Solar Panel production.

JEXYY Jiansu is a pink sheet company. I’m not interested

JRJC China Finance Online Co. Limited is a risky stock that lost about half of its value since October. China Finance Online offers online financial data. The company never had Earnings, but is expected to have them: Forward P/E is expected to be around 19. Interesting is its Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):252.20%.

LFC China Life Insurance Company Limited is a nice Chinese Insurance company. P/E is 18.5, but expcted to slow down to F P/E: 29.4. China Life offers an Ok Forward Annual Dividend Yield:1.40%. China Life may have problems connected with latest Earthquake. LFC has plenty of cash and no debts. Actually with such bargains like AXA and Humana in Insurance industry, I’m not very interested in LFC.

PTR Petrochina is a very good stock. I own 2 free PTR shares. PTR looks good with it current and future P/E around 12, its 30% revenue growth. Unfortunatelyy earnings fell 30% because now gas prices are now government controlled in China.

PNGAY PING AN INS GROUP CO CHINA, is traded on PINK sheets market. I’m not interested.

PWRD Perfect World is a developer and operator of online games. Chinese teenagers must have less entertainment opportunities than Westner kids, so they play a lot on-line. Companies like PWRD, Netease and The9 make huge profits on such market. Perfect World had his IPO in October and shows excellent numbers

Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co. Ltd. (SHI) looks amazingly cheap. Yea the company hardy made profits. But Price/Sales (ttm):0.35 makes it dirt cheap. Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):24.70%

SNDA Shanda is yet another Chinese company making money because Chinese love to play on-line. Ok numbers.

TCEPY is Pink sheets traded

TSGTY Tsingao brewery is a pink sheet company. I’m not interested.

TSL Trina Solar: is a great stock. Trina Solar has been able to grow at amazing pace: Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):161.60%, Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):242.20%. Considering its growth it is fairly priced: trailing P/E :34.08, Forward P/E (full year ending 31-Dec-09):12.25. I own 17 free TSL shares worth $900.

WX WuXi PharmaTech Inc. is a biotechnology company based in China. According to Yahoo finance, they should have Trailing P/E (ttm, intraday):53.07, Forward P/E (full year ending 31-Dec-09): 22.50. WX stock price halved since October’r hights. WX looks like a risky company that can give high and fast returns.

YZC: Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited (Yanzhou Coal) is a great Chinese company. Providing energy to Energy starved China is a nice lucrative job. That is why we see a growth pace quite uncommon for such utilities: quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy):47.00%, Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):112.70%. Forward P/E (fye 31-Dec-09):14.83 is also nice. The only fear to have is linked to the fact that Chinese goverment wants to keep energy prices under control to keep Chiana factories competitive.

ZHEXY, ZHEJIANG EXPRESSWY CO LTD uninteresting because Pink

ZNH China Southern Airlines. I don’t like this Airline. Too many debts and too expensive (P/E around 50)

JIXAY Jiangxi Copper Company Limited: not interested, it is on OTC market

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