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Why did I just buy a weird stock: 20 Softbank (SFT.FRA) at EUR 74.8 each June 21, 2017

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I started getting interested in this weird Japanese holding when they bought ARM, owners of the cpu technology which in the heart of most smartphones and pads.
Now they also bough Boston Dynamics, a crazy robotics company that likes to ill treat walking robots:

Not sure wether the crazy Masayoshi Son is trying to build a funny collection or he has something in mind.

I am basically trying to  invest in a possibly crazy genius.
P/E di 11.57 is reasonably priced for a possible technology player.
Apparently on the year ending March 2017 softbank had flat revenue growth, but healthy earnings growth.

My crazy Trump play? Russian small caps ETF RSXJ November 9, 2016

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Trump will probably stop sanctions to Russia. Europe will follow.
Time to invest in the Eastern Superpower.
My play is on small caps, because anything else in Russia is an oil investment.
Too bad I won’t get dividends on that stuff.

Taking the safer risky bet: I’m buying ALIBABA (BABA) rather than Vips April 30, 2015

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I feel a dangerous attraction: I like to buy recent IPOs below the IPO price.

It boosts my ego: ‘Hey, I am smarter then the “HIPE” guys!”

If flattens my laziness: “They had to go through all the uncomfortability of signing an IPO, then had to wait. Blah I do it now and at a better price with a simple click”.

Of course I know all that is wrong. I am likely to chose the companies that have lost momentum. Let’s say I was lucky with Facebook, so I am going for ALIBABA now.


Facebook is a good investment because Google Plus is a failure January 8, 2013

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High School Party

It’s like a rich kid in high school who discovered he wasn’t invited to a party, so he threw a better party and no one came.

Facebook’s edge over Google:

  • data on which Google is built ( web sites all over the World) is available to Facebook and to anyone able to build a spider.
  • data available to Facebook is locked.

Google’s edge over Facebook:

  1. much better technology
  2. much better mobile strategy
  3. much richer
  4. ads based on what you are searching for are much better than ads based on who you are. (more…)

I could have saved $ 1000 on hotel and flight June 1, 2012

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transparent kayak

transparent kayak

Two weeks after buying airplane tickets and hotel, I found those two websites that could have saved me more than $1000 on my reservation, by automatically comparing hundred of prices in seconds:


What are “top line” and “bottom line” for companies and stocks? April 27, 2012

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What do bottom-line and top-line mean for stocks and companies?

The answer is simple: “TOP-LINE” means REVENUES and “BOTTOM-LINE” means EARNINGS: this graph below is a good and clear example:

Top line shows revenue and bottom line shows earningns for EBIX

Top line shows revenue and bottom line shows earningns for EBIX

The graph also helps me to understand why Revenue is called TOP LINE and Earnings BOTTOM LINE:

Since Earnings = Revenue – Expenses, then Earnings are smaller (less dollars) than Revenues. On a graph showing dollars over time, Revenues will always be the top line and Earnings the bottom line.


Samsung up 40%: time to sell 6 Samsung (SSU) shares and keep 2 as free stock April 3, 2012

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Samsung is Apple's only serious competitor

Just sold 6 Samsung shares at EUR 272 each:

ESEG Sell XETRA SMG SP GDR 144A/RGS EUR 6 272 03/04/12 15:42:25 6 272,00

5 minutes ago I sold 6 Samsung shares at  EUR 272 each. I made a total amount of EUR 1632. (more…)

Just bought 8 SSU (Samsung) shares at EUR 194,95 each November 16, 2010

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Samsung is Apple’s only serious competitor

I bought 8 SSU (Samsung) shares at EUR 194,95 each. I did that because:

  • I am buying a Samsung TV.
  • The big spenders I know are either buying Samsung or Apple smartphones
  • Samsung invests hugely in Research and developement
  • Samsung stock is fairly priced

Redhat up 47%. Time to make it a free stock September 8, 2010

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It took 10 years, but eventually I got there. My 222 RHAT shares are 46.9% up! I just placed this interesting order on ETRADE 5 minutes ago:

Order Type: Sell
Shares: 156
Description: RED HAT INC COM (RHT)
Price & Term
Price Type: Trailing Stop
Your Price: $36.24
Term: Good For 60 Days
Estimated Commission: $19.99
Estimated total proceeds: $5,633.45
Since I spent $5,629.03  3 very interesting things will happen:

My July and August stock picks: GOOGLE and GOOGLE August 1, 2010

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With Google under $500, I am summing up my July and August $1500 stock buys. So I’m investing $3000 on Google

Quantity 6,00
Price 493,77000
Currency USD
EUR-USD exchange rate 1,30160
Rateo lordo 0,00  USD
Ritenuta rateo 0,00  USD
Commissions 19,00  USD
Total 2.981,62 USD
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