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I’m buying $1000 worth of Blackstone (BX) in 5 minutes November 19, 2009

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Blackstone is a huge Private Equity fund.

Private Equity… or PIRATE EQUITY?

They manage more than $ 90 Billion. Hopefully they manage that sum well. The company earns managements fees even if the value of assets they manage gos down. Forward P/E ratio is a reasonable 15. Main reasons why I buy BX is the fact the middlemen usually gain even if things go badly, the fact that if things go well they gain even more. Last but not least:

  • Huge dividend yield: 8%
  • Grrowing dividend yield: last year was just 6%

Growing dividends in a sinking economy looks nice. I bet that Blackstone’s managing fees will go up if the Economy continues it current recovery.


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