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Why QUALCOMM should buy ARM tomorrow morning February 21, 2012

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Qualcom Snapdragon: a superchip that powers fastes Android phones

Qualcom Snapdragon: a superchip that powers fastest Android phones

QUALCOMM Incorporated (QCOM) is a great company.

QCOM reached had 50% market-share on smartphone APPS processor market in 2012. QUALCOMM chips power Apple iPads, iPhones and most Androids, Samsung Galaxy S2 included.

It should be no surprise to anybody to know that QCOM revenue grew 40% in a year and earnings went up 20%.

So why is this healthy fast growing company priced on a forward price on earning of 15? Easy to answer: a small company, ARM, owns the technology that Qualcomm uses. Qualcomm is after all a manufacturer of ARM chips.


I changed my mind. “Votingmachine” convinced me, so I just bought 15 RESEARCH IN MOTION (RIMM) at $63.7 each. January 21, 2010

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A passionate and smart Blackberry user and RIMM investors convinced me to change opinion and buy RIMM shares. I just bought 15 RIMM shares, at $ 63.72 each, spending $955.80 plus $ 4.50 in commissions stolen by zecco.com.


In mobile computing era, can Blackberry (RIMM) and Nokia (NOK) keep up with Apple’s (AAPL) and Google’s (GOOG) innovation speed? January 18, 2010

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A BlackBerry, a Google phone Smart phone 'Nexus One' and an IPhoneA BlackBerry vs a Google phone Smart phone ‘Nexus One’ vs a cool IPhone

Facts that (amazingly) do not matter:

  • Google’s Nexus 2 is a phone that sucks
  • Many say that Apple’s IPhone is a phone that sucks
  • Blackberry is a great phone and is great for E-mail, Calendar and typing
  • Nokia sold great cell phones that work perfectly and are cheap to a Billion humans

If it was just cellphones or smartphones I’d:

  • immediately buy a big load of Research in Motion (RIMM) shares that are only priced 13 times forward earnings, 16 times current earnings. Cheap for a company which grew 40% last year and produces the only smartphone suitable for businesses and corporations.
  • or I’d get some shares  of NOKIA (NOK), which is still World market leader, yields 5% dividends, is priced 0.8 times current sales and has Forward P/E supposed to be 13.

Compared to Apple’s and Google’s Forward P/E in the twenties and P/Sales over 5 times, NOK and RIMM look good.

What scares me about RIMM is the fact that we’re moving toward mobile computing. Computing needs even faster innovation than mobile phones or palms or smartphones.

I think Apple and Google will innovate their products at such a speed that they will become great usable tools before everybody else can figure out how to cope with them.


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