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I changed my mind. “Votingmachine” convinced me, so I just bought 15 RESEARCH IN MOTION (RIMM) at $63.7 each. January 21, 2010

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A passionate and smart Blackberry user and RIMM investors convinced me to change opinion and buy RIMM shares. I just bought 15 RIMM shares, at $ 63.72 each, spending $955.80 plus $ 4.50 in commissions stolen by zecco.com.

On Sunday I was still convinced RESEARCH IN MOTION could never keep the pace of great innovators Google and Apple in the field of mobile computing.

“Votingmachine”, an investor who writes on yahoo finance message board,¬†convinced me that Research in Motion is a great company that will be able to follow, if not anticipate, the path of mobile computing.

I (all by myself!) thought that Blackberry is the favorite tool for Businesses. Businesses are much more conservative than geek customers. They also want all company smartphones to be similar and are not ready to swing to any new fad. Still IT managers of corporations aren’t ready for the IPhone. Also they don’t yet use Gmail for business. IBM grew healthy even though Microsoft, Dell and HP took away the consumer market from them. I think RIMM can do well even if it loses consumers and keeps business customers.

I end this post thanking “Votingmachine”. I hope that in a year I’ll still be thankful to him for convincing me to buy RIMM today.


1. TMF Staff - January 25, 2010

Interesting choice, good read.


2. babes - January 25, 2010

gl to that choice!

3. deminvest - January 25, 2010

Thank you!

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