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Fording Canadian Coal (FDG) hit my 40% up target in such hard times! February 1, 2008

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on July 13, 2006 I bought 50 FDG at USD 30.2 each spending a total amount of $1510. I wrote why I chose Fording Canadian Coal right on this Blog. I’m surely glad of my choice.


Today FDG hit my 40% up target, to which I should add dividends worth another 16% that I cashed meanwhile. As my 50 FDGs hit 40% target I:

1) Sold 35 FDG shares at $ 45 each cashing a total amount of $ 1575, more than what I spent to buy 50.

2) Kept 15 FDG shares left (worth $675). They are now free stocks, thanks to my FREE STOCK STRATEGY.

The stock looked like a bargain when I bought it. It looks less so now, but I’m happy to own my 15 free FDG:

  • Coal is nowadays an heavily requested commodity
  • FDG still offers juicy 5% dividend yield.

(FDG) FORDING CDN COAL has great dividend yield, cheap P/E and amazing growt rates. July 13, 2006

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Frank Galotti’s comment on the (PVR) Penn Virginia Resource article pointed out what a bargain is FDG.

I checked and found that PVR has:

  1. P/E = 5.25
  2. Dividend Yield = 11.60%
  3. Qtrly Revenue Growth yoy = 64%
  4. Qtrly Earnings Growth = 154% (more…)
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