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Fording Canadian Coal (FDG) hit my 40% up target in such hard times! February 1, 2008

Posted by deminvest in FDG Foding Canadian Coal, investment, my free stock.

on July 13, 2006 I bought 50 FDG at USD 30.2 each spending a total amount of $1510. I wrote why I chose Fording Canadian Coal right on this Blog. I’m surely glad of my choice.


Today FDG hit my 40% up target, to which I should add dividends worth another 16% that I cashed meanwhile. As my 50 FDGs hit 40% target I:

1) Sold 35 FDG shares at $ 45 each cashing a total amount of $ 1575, more than what I spent to buy 50.

2) Kept 15 FDG shares left (worth $675). They are now free stocks, thanks to my FREE STOCK STRATEGY.

The stock looked like a bargain when I bought it. It looks less so now, but I’m happy to own my 15 free FDG:

  • Coal is nowadays an heavily requested commodity
  • FDG still offers juicy 5% dividend yield.


1. Commercial Building Flood Guy - February 5, 2008

Amazing! How do you pick such great stocks? Is there a place on this blog that you suggest performers for the future? I love the free stock strategy. WoW- you make it seem easy. All I’ve done is pick loseres and lagers. need help!

2. Deminvest - February 6, 2008

How I pick stocks: https://deminvest.wordpress.com/2007/06/28/how-do-i-pick-stocks-posted-to-answer-davids-comment/

This entire Blog is about my stock-picking. Every month I pick a stock and write here why I do. I’ll be very happy if you read me and discuss my choices with you.

Please never forget that I very often pick bad stocks.


What helps me it the fact that I buy every month. This allows me to catch also market minimums. As soon as the market recovers ( historically it always did!) my buys around minimums allow me to make 40% gains, sell part of the shares, and turn remaining into free stocks.

3. Commercial Building Flood Guy - February 6, 2008

Thanks I’m going to check out those posts and keep up with the blog, maybe I’ll learn something – I hgope =).
Thanks, I’ll probably be asking some questions from time to time.
Take care for now.

4. bubba louie - April 14, 2008

hey… great pick and great website! i actually got in FDG when it was low 20s… but sold off around 35. didn’t think it would continue going so high! how do you decide on when to sell?

5. deminvest - April 15, 2008

I sell any stock when it is up 40%, but I only sell enough shares to get my investment back.

The remaining shares become “free shares” and I keep them forevver, so I am still happy if the continue going up like FDG 🙂

this is how I decide to sell

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