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(PVR) Penn Virginia Resource’s coal and gas, were such a tempation, that I forgot I am not supposed to buy stock till the end of the month! June 15, 2006

Posted by deminvest in investment.

Let's get down to facts:

1) 50% of US electrity comes from coal. With oil, energy, gas and coal prices going up… It is nice to own a coal company which last year had the luck to buy a natural gas company.

2) I can't easitly resist an Annual Dividend Yield of 5.90%

3) the company is growing very very fast.

Even though yesterday I declared I have to wait next month to buy… I did get 70 PVR at $24,24 each.

It is so hard for us, mindless and herd following proletarian investros to resist when we feel we have spotted a good deal on the stock marke.

Let the force be with us. and with the Street!


1. Frank Galotti - June 24, 2006

Good move, now look at fdg if you want mine (mind) blowing divi’s. Canandian coal company,



2. deminvest - June 25, 2006

I must admit it seems amazing. I will have to buy it on Monday!

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