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A little bit late, but with all my courage, yesterday I placed my February buy order on Procter & Gamble (PG) March 20, 2009

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Yesterday I bought 22 PG shares at  $ 46.79 each, spending a total amount of $ 1029.38. It is a risky time to buy stocks, but I go on with my strategy.

As I wrote Procter and Gamble offers good dividends and its products are simply what the World buys every week in Supermarkets.

Let’s hope this crisis ends soon. I’m betting that:

  1. P&G won’t fall much further, even if this crisis goes on
  2. PG shares will skyrocket as the economy restarts its growing

Stocks tumble, Housing prices sink, Gold prices down. The only safe haven is German Treasury Bonds. Fortunately I bought some of those trough an ETF: EB.REXX Government Germany 2.5-5.5 IS ERGG 2.5-5.5 (RXP2EX.FRA) November 6, 2008

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No investment is safest than German Treasury Bonds

No investment is safest than German Treasury Bonds

This ETF owns German treasury EURO Bonds with lifetime between 5.5 years and 2.5 years. It is an average  lifetime for treasury bonds.

Germany has a strong manifacturing economy. German state and its citizens have very low debt levels. In my opinion there in nothing in World as safe and risk free as German treasury bonds.

Its main holdigs are:

Germany (Federal Republic Of) 5% 2012-07-04      11.4%


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