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Etrade sucks: international customers are charged double commissions! A ripoff that isn’t written anywhere on their website. I will transfer my Etrade account. October 19, 2010

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One Way to go is AWAY FROM Etrade: Etrade is the only online broker that charges international customers DOUBLE COMMISSIONS ($19.99)


It is official: Etrade lies on their commissions. On http://www.etrade.com they say commissions is $9.99. They don’t say anything about double commissions ($19.99)  for international customers for the same trades that cost US customers $9.99 This is the official statement by Etrade staff of their ripoff:

Sent: 10/18/2010 04:18 PM
Subject: Trading & Investing
Topic: Trade Inquiry
Account: XXXX-8555
Reference Number: 1217999

Message: Dear Customer,

Thank you for your message regarding commission fee.

This commission fee schedule applies to your account.

E*TRADE Securities Trading Fees and Commissions

International Customers (non-US customers on the US-International Site):

1.)All stock orders of 2000 or fewer shares (in linked accounts)

Does Etrade lie when they promise $9.99 on their homepage? Is Etrade’s real commission $19.99? Why did they charge me such outrageous fee? October 18, 2010

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fake transparent showcase for a company that lies to its customers


Something strange in the neighborhood. On Etrade website, they advertise $9.99 flat commission for stock trades. Unfortunately they charged me twice as much on this simple buy order:

Type Quantity Security P Type Term Price Other
Status Description Date & Time Quantity Price Commission
Placed Buy 30 HMIN Mkt 09/30/10 11:55 EDT 30.00 19.99
Executed Buy 30 HMIN Mkt Day 09/30/10 11:55:36 30.00 49.13 19.99


Redhat up 47%. Time to make it a free stock September 8, 2010

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It took 10 years, but eventually I got there. My 222 RHAT shares are 46.9% up! I just placed this interesting order on ETRADE 5 minutes ago:

Order Type: Sell
Shares: 156
Description: RED HAT INC COM (RHT)
Price & Term
Price Type: Trailing Stop
Your Price: $36.24
Term: Good For 60 Days
Estimated Commission: $19.99
Estimated total proceeds: $5,633.45
Since I spent $5,629.03  3 very interesting things will happen:
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