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Did Greater China Fund (GCH) tumble 30% today? December 20, 2007

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GCH Greater China Fund did NOT really tumble 30% today. GCH shareholders did not lose money on GCH today!

I opened with this simple crystal clear sentence, so all desperate investors like will start smiling… or breathing… again.

I will explain… Actually not yet… I was so desperate when I looked on Google finance where it seemed GCH -30%, that I don’t want anyone go trough this like me. You may believe more to Google than to my explanations (I would) so I’ll give you the LINK TO OFFICIAL GCH website, where you’ll know you haven’t lost money on GCH today.

Now that everybody should be reassured, I will try to explain what I understood:

GCH stock price went down $11.30 today at opening only because GCH will pay $11.30 per share cash to us stockholders. (more…)

Simple reasons to invest in China come from simple people, like us May 23, 2007

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China Boom

We, the people see things better. We are the World and we make future World. This is why sometimes one of us blogging about his first 5 days to China and another-one of us commenting about same travel 30 years ago, can tell us more about this future economic super-power than any Wall Street Journal’s “China Insight”:

The best I can do is to quote them faithfully.

Blog Post by randfish:

” After 5 days in China, I’m completely unqualified to give any advice on the country, tourism, travel or search marketing, but I think that despite that, it’s still worthwhile to give my early impressions. Bullet points are a must, given the average of 5-6 hours a night of sleep, numerous blisters and a dead-tired roommate 🙂

  • China is accessible – before coming to China, I had a lot of questions, and plenty of fears. Can you drink the water? (no) Are the hotels accomodating of English? (absolutely) Are the streets safe? (completely) Is it affordable? (for the most part). Today, a lot of those questions are answered, and I’d feel as comfortable traveling to most parts of China as I would visiting most parts of Europe. It’s certainly not the same, but from a global traveler’s perspective, it’s as accessible as any major city in the western world.
  • The Chinese people are as unique and varied as anyone else – stereotypes about “Chinese” abound, and they’re almost all as completely inaccurate as stereotypes about Americans, Canadians, Mexicans or Indians. People here are like people everywhere – unique, not definable with simple adjectives, individual. There may be traits that are more popular here than elsewhere (slightly less friendly to strangers, often more friendly to friends, entrepreneurial, and much taller on average than you might first guess).
  • Internet Adoption is Rampant – in the back room of tiny restaurants and washing machine repair shops in the poor neighborhoods of Xi’an, you’ll find an old computer and a young person surfing the web. Internet cafes are wildly popular in every neighborhood I’ve seen them in, and everyone in Beijing has a cellphone with web access (at least, that’s the way it seems). (more…)

What should proletarian investors do when stock markets are going down? Nothing! Avoid temptations and do “business as usual” June 14, 2006

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When stock markets point down a bunch of strong temptations surge in a proletarian's panicked greedy mind.

1) Terror can lead me to sell like crazy. A new bubble may be on its way to burst. I could see my savings crushed into dust, so I sell sell SELL!

2) Greed can lead me to buy hunting for bargains. Yes, the same stock that I bought two weeks ago at 10 is now selling at 8. What a bargain! It has P/E 20% cheaper, it had dividend yield 20% higher. Hmmmm I can take advantage of the situation and wait till it rebounds. It has to rebound! It was a greed buy at 10; it is pure paradise to get it at 8… Let's buy a few more of those babies.

But 1) and 2) are both wrong, as I learned at my expenses. Real expenses of hardly earned few dirty dollars!


GCH: bullish on stock markets, I recharge on Greater China Fund which seems a bargain now May 23, 2006

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I am recharging heavily on GCH. It is cheap again. It lost 30% of its value in 10 days, without any logical reason, except following hysterically Wall Street's inflation fears. But China is still growing everyday. Companies owned by this Greater China Fund are growing fast and making earnings, so I am investing heavily on GCH once more

History of my GCH investments: (more…)

Greater China Fund Inc. (GCH) “Sell earn and cry!”. Why did I sell GCH knowing I will cry? May 8, 2006

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On Friday I sold 540 of my 700 GCH closed fund stock at a price of 23 $. I did so even though I like GCH very much, because it invests in dynamic Chinese companies. I am already crying about my deed: GCH is 23.94 now. But why did I do so?

I did it because I liked to follow two investment strategies, one of my own and one well known:


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