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I reinforced BIDZ throwing some spare change on that looser November 21, 2009

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BIDZ lost 75% Since I bought 100 shares for $ 1008.

I checked on Alexa that the online auctioneer’s website still attracts large number of visitors. So I figured I may average down (which usually is a bad idea!) by buying 90 more BIDS for about $230.

Here is my silly order:
Executed Size: 90

Executed Price: 2.47

Let’s see what happens.

Kevin about Bidz.com (BIDZ). Is it a bargain? December 7, 2007

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Want to buy a diamond ring online?


Kevin’s comment about Online Jewelry Auctions BIDZ.com, on a previous Ebay post , is so interesting that it deserves the attention of main page:

“Have you seen what has happened to BIDZ in the last week? It was at a high of $22.50 and plunged after a report came out (from someone shorting the stock) about how bad the business was. It is now at $10.19. When I first looked at the price I thought it was steep and then did some research on the company. I bought a few items. No diamond ring from them. They could do some work getting better quality diamonds. I did buy some earrings and a bracelet for a relative for Christmas and was impressed with the quality.

I think this is a good buy price. I would expect a rise after they post their 4th quarter income statements. They have already been posting sales records this shopping season and I don’t see any reason why it would stop.”

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