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I could have saved $ 1000 on hotel and flight June 1, 2012

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transparent kayak

transparent kayak

Two weeks after buying airplane tickets and hotel, I found those two websites that could have saved me more than $1000 on my reservation, by automatically comparing hundred of prices in seconds:


Risky bet on Ren Ren right after IPO. The Chinese Facebook is already on a rollercoster. May 6, 2011

Posted by deminvest in China stock, RENN, Renren.

This is how I just gambled $ 972 on a crazy IPO on Ren Ren, a young company which supposedly should be the Chinese Facebook:

Symbol RENN Quantity 50 Shares
Date of Order0 5/04/2011 Time of Order 12:54 PM
Executed Price $19.33 Commission $4.95
Total for this Execution $-971.45

I did it this crazy bet for several reasons:

  1. Creative Maths… If  Baidu : Google = RenRen : Facebook , then $51B : $173B = x : $50B and x = $14.7B. If Renren reaches a Market Cap of $ 14 B, it means the stock has gone 10 times up (more…)
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