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I bought 1 share of BERKSHIRE HATH HLD B (BRK-B) 10 minutes ago July 15, 2009

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The most expensive share I ever got: 1 costs $ 2,849.

All you etwhen you buy BRK - B shares

All you get when you buy BRK-B shares

I hate gurus, but I had to invest on Warren Buffet’s BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY this time, because Buffet could exploit the crisys, taking advantage of tax payer’s money like we the people, the small investors, simply¬† cannot do:

  1. He was able to lend money to troubled financial institutions at very high interest rates
  2. Those high interest investments are safe almost like US Corporate Bonds because US government decided that those financial institutions are “too big to fail”. Of course Buffet had talks with both administrations. He knew he could get huge interest rates and be backed¬† by taxpayer’s money (more…)

I sold 8 Petrochina shares yesterday: they’re 40% up since I bought them in May September 25, 2007

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Chinese oil trading centre

Yesterday I sold 8 at shares of a great company: Petrochina (PTR). I sold them at $182.38 each. I made a total amount of $ 1459
I had bought 10 of them at 128.58 in May, spending a sum of $1285.8.

So I got all my money back. I had a nice earning of $173 and I still have 2 Petrochina shares that I got for free. They are now worth $ 364 and that I will try to keep forever. This is yet another example of the free stock strategy.

I had to sell Petrochina because of my strategy, but I do think it is still a great oil company to own. The 6 reasons that made me buy it are still there, although, due to the fact that Petrochina is 40% more expensive than it was in May and to the fact that oil price were a bit lower in the second quarter than they are no in the third, numbers a bit less attractive.

  1. Forward Annual Dividend Yield: 3.20% ( used to be 4.60% with May’s lower stock price)
  2. Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy): 20.30% ( used to be 25.30% with higher oil prices) (more…)

I am buying 10 Petrochina (PTR) May 14, 2007

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Chinese oil trading centre

Everything seems delightful about this stock:

  1. Forward Annual Dividend Yield: 4.60%
  2. Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy): 25.30%
  3. Quartetrly Earnings Growth (yoy):29.40%
  4. Forward P/E: 11.55
  5. More cash than debt
  6. Hooked to China’s growth….. China and oil


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