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I am buying 10 Petrochina (PTR) May 14, 2007

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Chinese oil trading centre

Everything seems delightful about this stock:

  1. Forward Annual Dividend Yield: 4.60%
  2. Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy): 25.30%
  3. Quartetrly Earnings Growth (yoy):29.40%
  4. Forward P/E: 11.55
  5. More cash than debt
  6. Hooked to China’s growth….. China and oil

This buy seems so easy that I should be scared… Still I’ll get 10 of those right after posting this blog.

I agree with “lighthouse” when he says:  Bearish analysts help me snap up bargain. Fortunately a few Guru Financial Analysts gave Petrochina bad ratings, making PTR even cheaper for lighthouse and me to buy!

I have the “too good to be truth feeling” that led me to money-destruction with New Century… But really I think only a bullet, a blackout or a computer crash could stop me from throwing my May investing budget at Petrochina!


1. deminvest - May 14, 2007

As promised, I just bought 10 PTR share at 128.58 USD, spending a total of 1285.8 USD

2. I sold 8 Petrochina shares yesterday: they’re 40% up since I bought them in May « Democratic Investments by the people for the people - September 25, 2007

[…] of a great company: Petrochina (PTR). I sold them at $182.38 each. I made a total amount of $ 1459 I had bought 10 of them at 128.58 in May, spending a sum of […]

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