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I bought 1 share of BERKSHIRE HATH HLD B (BRK-B) 10 minutes ago July 15, 2009

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The most expensive share I ever got: 1 costs $ 2,849.

All you etwhen you buy BRK - B shares

All you get when you buy BRK-B shares

I hate gurus, but I had to invest on Warren Buffet’s BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY this time, because Buffet could exploit the crisys, taking advantage of tax payer’s money like we the people, the small investors, simply  cannot do:

  1. He was able to lend money to troubled financial institutions at very high interest rates
  2. Those high interest investments are safe almost like US Corporate Bonds because US government decided that those financial institutions are “too big to fail”. Of course Buffet had talks with both administrations. He knew he could get huge interest rates and be backed  by taxpayer’s money
  3. Moreover, if financial stocks will recover, Berkshire Hathaway can convert those credits into shares no matter how high they will get

This situation for Warren Buffet is WIN WIN WIN… win getting high interest rates,win bacause goverment backed,  win because stocks may rise.

Berkshire also has shares of good companies,which I like.

I consider those deals, tailored for Berkshire, as ripoffs because they are not available to us small investors. Investing is about reality. Reality is the fact that those deals have been made. All I can do is to take some advantage of them.

The only trouble is that with 1 share I can’t use  my free stocks strategy.

Update[ Feb 23 2010: Why I sold BRK ]


1. Aman@BullsBattleBears - September 22, 2009

you up nicely on that one share if your still holding I hope! A few of my friends got into the B class shares around the same time and now are looking to sell and use the profits as downpayments on their first condos. Berkshire has a good strategy that has proven to be timeless.

2. deminvest - September 23, 2009

I’m still holding my BRK-B share and will continue to hold it as long as I can because I feel the upside opportunity is still great. The huge amount of money that Berkshire lent to large banks seems now quite safe and yields high interests rates. A notable exception in times of low interests.

But your housing is more important… if you sell BRK I congratulate you and your friends. Earnings are real only once you have sold! Yours will be real, mine will stay virtual for a long time!

3. Thanks Warren Buffet: I just sold 36 BERKSHIRE HATHAWY-B shares. I now own 14 free BRK-B shares worth $1100. « Democratic Investments by the people for the people - February 23, 2010

[…] On July 15  I had bought 1 BRK-B share at 2,849. After a while Buffet decided to split it into 50 shares. […]

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