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Dogs of the Eurostoxx 2008 January 10, 2008

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This is the new 10 “Dogs of the Eurostoxx” list for year 2008 (price and dividend on Jan, 9, 2008):

Ticker Name Price Dividend Yield
TIT.MI TELECOM ITALIA 2.05 0.14 6.83
GLE.PA STE GENERALE 96.57 5.20 5.38
ACA.PA CREDIT AGRICOLE 22.22 1.15 5.18
DBK.DE DEUTSCHE BANK 84.33 4.00 4.74
FTE.PA FRANCE TELECOM 25.79 1.20 4.65
BBVA.MC BBVA R 15.27 0.70 4.58
IBE.MC IBERDROLA 10.75 0.49 4.56
BNP.PA BNP PARIBAS 71.95 3.10 4.31

We can notice that half of those high yielding stocks are banks. This is the result of “subprime” turmoil on financial markets that heavily hit banks during second half of 2007. It happened in the US, but also hit European banks.

Comparing 2008 list with last year’s dogs of the Eurostoxx we notice that only

  • Telecom Italia (same dividend, lover price),
  • Société Générale(higher dividend, lower price),
  • Deutsche Telekom (same dividend, higher price)
  • and France Télécom (higher dividend, higher price)

are still in the list.

With high risks on stock markets, rates pointing down, recession fears for US Economy and US dollars sliding, it may be interesting to invest on those European large companies that should yield good cash. I will probably do so. It will take me a few months to buy them all, because I only own Telecom Italia and Deutsche Telekom so far. I will start buying Intesa San Paolo, Italy’s largest bank, which yields juicy 7.29%. (more…)

(VIV.PA) Vivendi: I did it again! Another compulsive stock purchase which I should have avoided: March 7, 2007

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It is done.

I bought VIV.PA Vivendi compulsively. Vivenndi is a fast growing global media group which pays 4% dividend yield… And… Now I feel like an on-diet young woman still in front of the fridge aver having eaten a full jar of chocolate ice-cream…


I feel like a compulsive gambler after he has again lost more than he could afford… I feel like a student who was supposed to wake up at 4 am to finish his homework, but then smashed the alarm clock…

I feel like we, the people, all feel every-time we do (again) something we had decided not to do.

Why I should NOT have bought VIV.PA

1) Because my strategy only allows me one purchase worth 1000 every month


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