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Buy what China wants… I’m buying Potash (POT) because my guess is: China wants food! December 6, 2010

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Potash mine

Potash mine

This is how I ended up on Potash (POT):

  1. At first I looked at tractors. John Deere looked like a nice bet. They just raised their dividends and it yields nice
  2. Then I did wonder… do Chinese want John Deere Tractors? Not only I found out they don’t. I even discovered many American farmers are turning to Jimna Chinese junk. Jimna tractors are less expensive. I see John Deer in some potential competition trouble. I also fond out John Dere has debts equal to a yer worth of sales. So I decided to loo further.
  3. As I usually do  when I want to invest in a certain industry, I looked how ETFs are composed. I found MOO Agriculture ETF. P0tash (POT) is their first holding, second is John Deere. Potash composes 10% of MOO ETF. (more…)
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