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What will I chose in market packed with bargains like General Electrics (GE), Google (GOOG), STP Suntech Power, GOL, Mariott (MAR) Boing (BA) and many others? March 26, 2008

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I must be crazy. I see great bargains in the same Wall Street where big gurus see thunderstorms and danger. I feel just like one of those bargain hunters:

Bargains on Wall Street

My problem: too much choice of under-priced stocks! Not easy to pick.

  • I could get some more GE: P/E 16, forward P/E 13. Juicy dividend yield of 3.70%. revenue and earnings growing
  • I could get some more Google: Forward P/E 17. Yea they say their revenue and earnings growth may slow down. So what? Google is more successful than ever. Google’s growth in advertising revenue in 2007 in USA was larger than revenue growth of all other advertising seller summed together. Also Google has cash corresponding 10% of its market cap. Even if Google has a few quieter quarters, its fundamentals are as great as ever.
  • I could get some more STP Suntech Power: it is Worlds largest Solar panels producer. Everybody wants clean energy nowadays. That is why STP during last quarter had Revenue Growth: 82.50% earnings Growth (yoy):61.10%. I could get this stock as cheap as Forward P/E: 12 (more…)

What should I buy in September? Johnson & Johnson JNJ, India Fund IFN, Wipro WIT or Boeing BA? September 7, 2007

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My strategy suggests to buy $1000 worth of stock every month, no matter how unfit for new investments the month could be. This September looks very unfit by I have to make a…

difficult choice: Difficult Choice


I’d definitely like to buy:

  1. Johnson & Johnson because it is defensive: its health care products are bought even if the economy slows. Also JNJ has excellent numbers:
    • It is cheap: Forward P/E 14,
    • It is growing: Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy) 13.20%, Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):9.30%
    • It hardly has debts
    • Last but not least It yields juicy 2.7% dividends. (more…)
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