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Is there a finance site for international stocks tha doesn’t suck? September 23, 2009

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It is surprising how stupid the Internet is sometimes. There is no way to find simple informations, like basic data for stocks traded on itnternational markets.

not easy to figure out data from ideograms

not easy to figure out data from ideograms

I don’t want much, just a place where I can find P/E ratio, dividends, debts earning growth and sales growth for companies traded all over the World.

So far there is no such website. Google finanace doesn’t give decent data outside USA. On yahoo finance you canfind something only if you start digging into places like yahoo. fr yahoo.it yahoo.es or yahoo.de, but you need some understanding of foreign languages. The real disaster is when you need data about Japaneese, Russian or Chinese comanies. Then you’re lost into ideograms with no hope of understanding. Anyway yahoo finance usually has very little data even on its internatrional portals.

The best place I found so far is msn . I could find some data on msn.es, msn.fr … and so on. At least I could spot p/e and dividends. The problem of ideograms is still there, but I don’t think there is anything better than msn available

I sold 70 Vance Info (VIT) shares today: they’re 40% up since I bought them in May 2008 June 30, 2009

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VanceInfo Technologies is a Chinese software house.

A year ago I bought VIT because it was Chinese largest software house. I considered that fact as a great advantage over Indian software houses, which ended up losing more than half of their value in a year . Maybe I was right (link). Maybe I was just lucky to hit a well managed software house.


Got JNJ last month. Now I’ll chose India Fund IFN over Wipro WIT and Boeing BA October 25, 2007

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In September I was undecided between those 4 options: Johnson & Johnson JNJ, India Fund IFN, Wipro WIT or Boeing BA: Graph

Powerful Indian stock markets

I took JNJ because of its good numbers, because it could be a safe heaven in times of markets turmoil and because I was convinced by other investor that it was the right choice. Now I have to make my October investment choice.

I think I will get IFN today. In September, I wrote: “ India Fund because I still think India has great opportunities and this closed end fund is trading at a favourable 10% discount. I called this fund a rip off when is used to trade at 30% premium, but now it is undervalued. Also IFN owns shares of many excellent Indian companies that are not available for Western investors.”


Sify Ltd. (SIFY) seems an interesting Indian stock. Should I buy? February 14, 2007

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Sify is basically an Internet cafe owner. We, western proletarians, pity ourselves because we don’t drive brand new SUVs or because we can’t buy Prada shoes… But we take for guaranteed commodities like… Broadband connection at home. The really poor in developing countries just can’t afford it. That is why a company like SIFY is the first Internet cafes operator in India with 3500 “Iway” Internet cafes in 158 Indian cities which make broadband available to the masses.

Indian Internet cafè

SIFY also offers broadband to 200,000 Indian houses and dial up to 1 million. Sify.com is a big portal and n.7 most visited site in India.

Let’s give a close to some of the juicy numbers:


Re: SAY versus INFY, WIT. Should I buy more Satyam, more Infosys, or buy some Wipro stock? January 26, 2007

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I was answering to a comment… and ended up writing a post.

1) Say is much smaller and so far it is not competing for market Leader Spot. Revenue of SAY is smaller and growing slower:

Satyam Computer Services Ltd. (SAY):
Revenue: 1.38B Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy): 31.30%
Infosys Technologies Ltd. (INFY):
Revenue: 2.90B Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy): 44.40%
Wipro Ltd. (WIT):
Revenue: 3.09B Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy): 43.30%


SAY: why am I happy that I did buy Satyam Computer Services Indian stock in May? October 11, 2006

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First of all SAY went 12% up (+ $221), which is good, second Satyam paid me $10 dividends third the Indian Computer Servvices company is still growing fast and making cash.

Indian Programmer (more…)

(IFN) India Fund is a rip-off. Want to buy Indian? Get directly (INFY) Infosys Technologies and (TTM) Tata Motors to avoid an outrageous 30% money waste. May 25, 2006

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There is so much desire to invest on India stock that IFN INDIA Fund has a reached a terrifying 30% Premium. This is what I call a rip-off: the price of IFN is 30% higher than its Net Asset Value (NAV) this means that if you buy IFN you pay 30% more that the sum of values of all the stocks IFN owns. Moreover you also spend 4% a year expenses to IFN management.


SAY- Satyam Computer Services: the Indian equity I was looking for May 11, 2006

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I wanted to invest in India because our jobs are migrating there and at least we should earn something from that somehow harmful (to western proletarians) migration. SAY was the answer: A reasonably priced (P/E around 24) jet fast growing healthy Indian computer company similar in business to IBM… Except the detail that SAY revenue grew +43% year on year while IBM revenue was decreasing with a sad -9% (more…)

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