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SAY- Satyam Computer Services: the Indian equity I was looking for May 11, 2006

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I wanted to invest in India because our jobs are migrating there and at least we should earn something from that somehow harmful (to western proletarians) migration. SAY was the answer: A reasonably priced (P/E around 24) jet fast growing healthy Indian computer company similar in business to IBM… Except the detail that SAY revenue grew +43% year on year while IBM revenue was decreasing with a sad -9%

It was not easy for me to find SAY. It is not at all easy for us, the people, to invest in exotic markets. I started looking around on the web. I only found few things but horribly expensive: ETF, Closed End Funds… India is so fashionable for investors that every monkey working on Wall Street seems to feel he should double his expenses, costs and earnings just because they are dealing with India. I only two disgustingly overpriced Closed-End Funds Morgan Stanley India Inv Fund (IIF) which cost 13% more than its NAV (the funds is 13%more expensive than its Net Asset Value = the equity it owns ) and even Blackstone Asia Advisors L.L.C/ India Fund (IFN) which is costs 34% more than its NAV. I was totally discouraged. I am a proletarian and I am not going to give those Wall Street Sharks my money for nothing! Then I landed on the perfect stock SAY- Satyam Computer Services, which has many lovely pluses:

1) It is very reasonably priced: Trailing P/E 23.93 Forward P/E 21.63

2) It is growing jet fast: Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy): 43.70% Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy): 29.50%

3) It has a Total Cash of $ 696.50M corresponding to about 6 months of revenue

4) It has a business of Consultant Company, software developer similar to IBM. Just like IBM, it provides its services to Fortune Global 500 and Fortune U.S. 500 companies, but pays its high skilled engineers every month what IBM pays its high skilled engineers every year!

5) Its business is connected with Indian large companies. It will grow along with those companies and with fast Indian GNP expansion.

So I will invest in SAY in the next 5 minutes, but not my usual $1000. I will invest twice as much: 1000 because it is a good company and 1000 because I want to put some money on the hefty Indian growth!


1. deminvest - May 11, 2006

3 minutes ago I bought 50 SAY at $35,69 eache paying a total of $ 1.784,50. Let the force be with me!

2. michelle cruz - May 22, 2006

vado.. thanks for going out of ur way to do research and give these wonderful tips..

3. deminvest - May 23, 2006

Michelle, thanks for being so supportive.

I need your support very much, because my 50 SAY are now worth 32,71 only, with a loss of about 10% !
I will treasure your support and keep them with great confidence that the company is a very good one and that its stock price wil recover soon.

Bye Michelle and thanks!

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