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Please slap me: Deb Shops (DEBS) disappears… and my $100 disappear too… October 26, 2007

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My decision to buy Deb Shops was a perfect example of what NOT to do!

Please: click here to slap me for buying stupid DEBS (but maybe the stupid isn’t DEBS…)

I bought Deb Shops in may 2006 because I read somewhere that they were giving out a one-time 20% extraordinary dividend. I checked out today, but never got that dividend… Then I found out the 20% dividend has been given in 2005. So I bought a stock to get a dividend that had been given one year earlier: what a lousy research job! (more…)

Deb Shops Inc. (DEBS) attracts the democratic investor with honey of sweet 21% one time dividend May 9, 2006

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Yes, I fell into the trap, and once again the trap was so nicely set, with an extraordinary dividend of $6.50 per share 21% of the stock's value, that I bought without even telling you, my friends. I was afraid the stock would run away from me. How silly to buy under such impulses! But I need to tell you, my companions proletarians, the whole story. I was reading trough Magic Formula, a famous website promising the impossible. I found DEBS Deb Shops and whoops I see they offer they 21% dividend and that the company is growing and it is reasonably priced with P/E 16.82, forward expected P/E 14.31, no debt, tons of cash. What could I do? Could I wait to tell you then buy? Sorry No!


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