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This time I bought on the news: Micron Technology, Inc. (MU) September 27, 2017

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What attracted me was not really the news.
It is just that I loved a few numbers:
Esplosive growth: Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy) 92.10
Very reasonable price:
Trailing P/E 16.22


5 reasons why I just bought Sandisk (SNDK):1. SSD is the future, 2.good numbers, 3. new brand, 4. opposite making sense to Seagate ( September 28, 2012

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Are solid state disks the future?

What about SanDisk that produces those?


I started from a great stock I own: STX. Seagate is an amazing company.

  • Its revenue was up 56.80% year on year.
  • Its earnings growth was stellar 751.30%.
  • It is dirt cheap: they sell for price five times its earnings (P/E=4.77).
  • Expectations for next year are better still P/E= 4.74.
  • Dividend yields 4.1%, up 30% from previous year.

source for those numbers


3 reasons not to use Stop Loss – answer to Jon Trausti’s question about Free Stock Strategy May 28, 2012

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Dear Jon, thanks for your very good question about Free Stock Strategy :

Dont you ever use “Sell Stop” for stocks you buy? … for example, many suggest you always use 5% “sell stop”.. or 10% .. and just buy some other stocks, if the ones you bought are not going in the direction (up) you hoped/wanted ?

It is for 3 reasons

Reason 1)

The only way to make money on the stock market is to buy low and sell high.

Most stocks move together up in good times and down in bad times. Automatic stop loss results in forcing to sell a bunch of stocks, even good ones, as the market sinks.

With my strategy, I have to buy every month, even when markets point down. In bad times I can hardly sell any stock because they can’t hit “up 40% target” in bad times.

As soon as market recovers most stocks that I buy in bad times hit my 40% up target and I make money.

What I accomplish that way is buying low and selling high. The best think is that I do it automatically, without having to understand or forecast what is going on in the Economy.

S&P 500 and NASDAQ 2002 to 2012

If we look at the last 10 years, we can see that if I had bought every month and if I had a stop, I’d have  sold with a big losses every stock the next month in 2002, 2007 and 2008. (more…)

My July and August stock picks: GOOGLE and GOOGLE August 1, 2010

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With Google under $500, I am summing up my July and August $1500 stock buys. So I’m investing $3000 on Google

Quantity 6,00
Price 493,77000
Currency USD
EUR-USD exchange rate 1,30160
Rateo lordo 0,00  USD
Ritenuta rateo 0,00  USD
Commissions 19,00  USD
Total 2.981,62 USD

I can’t resist Google at F P/E=16: I just bought 3 GOOG shares April 28, 2010

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I did it:

Bought 3 GOOG @ $528.6735 $-1,590.5205 Executed

I don’t care if Google was kicked out of China. Google still is a fast growing company, which is doing great now and which will do terrific if companies get back on advertising spending as the economy picks up.

Google is growing Revenue up 23% year on year, Earnings up 37%, has 26B cash, about 15% of its market cap.


What happened to Garmin stock (GRMN) and what can I learn from that February 10, 2010

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Some time ago Garming was a powerful fast growing company. On August 17 2006 I decided not to buy Garmin (GRMN) shares because I felt GPS service would become a commodity offered in any smartphone.

Now I wonder: Was i right?


Here it is. The iPad sucks. I had guessed right. January 27, 2010

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The iPad is an iPod on illegal steroids that lost its main functionality

I had guessed right the iPad sucks. It is just an overgrown iPhone that we can’t hold in our pockets or purses.

My guesses were right.


6 Reasons why Apple ITablet sucks. Or should I say IPad sucks? January 26, 2010

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imagine holding the ITablet in one hand while typing on the Subay

1) We can’t use Apple iPad to read books because it doesn’t have E Ink electronic paper display like Amazon’s Kindle . Apple iPad will emit light and tire our eyes. We can only read our last book on the IBook.

2) We can’t use Apple iPad to make phonecalls: too big to carry around

3) We can’t use it in the office: We type better on our keyboad. We also need a large screen to do 15  tasks at the same time.

4) We can’t use it at home: we like to type from the sofa at home. With our laptop we lay the keyboard on our legs, the screen will be in front of our eyes so we can use both hands to type or move around the pointer. Try to do that with a tool that doesn’t have a keyboard. Our spouses aren’t going to be willing to hold the IBook in front of our sofa, so we can use both hands to type.

5) We can’t use in the car. We have to drive

6) We can’t use it in the bus. Too unstable: the iTablet is meant to  be held in one hand while the other hand types and works. At first stop or sharp curve it will slip out of our hand. I won’t be usable in a crowded subway where anybody can easily grab and run out with our $1000 toy.


I changed my mind. “Votingmachine” convinced me, so I just bought 15 RESEARCH IN MOTION (RIMM) at $63.7 each. January 21, 2010

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A passionate and smart Blackberry user and RIMM investors convinced me to change opinion and buy RIMM shares. I just bought 15 RIMM shares, at $ 63.72 each, spending $955.80 plus $ 4.50 in commissions stolen by zecco.com.


In mobile computing era, can Blackberry (RIMM) and Nokia (NOK) keep up with Apple’s (AAPL) and Google’s (GOOG) innovation speed? January 18, 2010

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A BlackBerry, a Google phone Smart phone 'Nexus One' and an IPhoneA BlackBerry vs a Google phone Smart phone ‘Nexus One’ vs a cool IPhone

Facts that (amazingly) do not matter:

  • Google’s Nexus 2 is a phone that sucks
  • Many say that Apple’s IPhone is a phone that sucks
  • Blackberry is a great phone and is great for E-mail, Calendar and typing
  • Nokia sold great cell phones that work perfectly and are cheap to a Billion humans

If it was just cellphones or smartphones I’d:

  • immediately buy a big load of Research in Motion (RIMM) shares that are only priced 13 times forward earnings, 16 times current earnings. Cheap for a company which grew 40% last year and produces the only smartphone suitable for businesses and corporations.
  • or I’d get some shares  of NOKIA (NOK), which is still World market leader, yields 5% dividends, is priced 0.8 times current sales and has Forward P/E supposed to be 13.

Compared to Apple’s and Google’s Forward P/E in the twenties and P/Sales over 5 times, NOK and RIMM look good.

What scares me about RIMM is the fact that we’re moving toward mobile computing. Computing needs even faster innovation than mobile phones or palms or smartphones.

I think Apple and Google will innovate their products at such a speed that they will become great usable tools before everybody else can figure out how to cope with them.


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