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I opened an Icarra portfolio management account because Google finance portfolio sucks… Guess what? Deminvest is nicely beating Nasdaq and S&P 500 June 11, 2008

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Icarra is a good portfolio management system to measure my portfolio performance . It has very nice charts and is very good to measure results for my entire portfolio. For instance I was very pleased to read that I have a total 2.84% dividend yield :-).

Here is a very nice chart, showing how my “Deminvest Free Stocks investment has consistently beaten both the Nasdaq and the S&P 500.

icarra chart

I used to have my portfolio loaded into Google Finance, but Google finance’s portfolio sucks for several reasons:

1) Google Finance does not offer any charting of my portfolio.

2) Google Finance does not give any overall portfolio data, like overall P/E, overall dividend yield, overall performance including stock sales and cash.

3) Google Finance does not consider cash, which makes it a horrible way to measure results of my free stocks strategy. I buy a stock, wait for it to go 40% up and then resell just enough shares to get my cash


Help! WordPress is putting advertising on my Blog! May 6, 2008

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This Blog used to be 100% Advertising free. I liked WordPress for this feature. No, that was a lie:

my few readers know what a greedy proletarian investor . I obviously always wished I could make a few extra dollars worth of Google adsense advertising with this Blog which is getting for some strange reason quite popular. WordPress does not allow advertising on WordPress blogs. Fine. (more…)

(ASEI) American Science & Engineering is what I buy today because I continue to be bullish. June 6, 2006

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I bet that stock markets will start their growth again. My pick for today is this (ASEI) American Science & Engineering. A company which is leader in security devices like metal detector for airports.


(HOKU) Hoku Scientific was a big mistake, keeping it is a money suicide… June 5, 2006

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… which I will commit. I think I will keep HOKU. I will keep it because I am after all a proletarian investor. Unprofessional and sometimes I follow a wrong strategy even when I see it is wrong. I bought HOKU at $7 a month ago. I should sell it now at 4.2, but I can't admit to myself how wrong it was buying it. So I keep it hoping that for some magical reason it will go back at 7 and maybe arrive to 9.
HOKU will not. (more…)

(IFN) India Fund is a rip-off. Want to buy Indian? Get directly (INFY) Infosys Technologies and (TTM) Tata Motors to avoid an outrageous 30% money waste. May 25, 2006

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There is so much desire to invest on India stock that IFN INDIA Fund has a reached a terrifying 30% Premium. This is what I call a rip-off: the price of IFN is 30% higher than its Net Asset Value (NAV) this means that if you buy IFN you pay 30% more that the sum of values of all the stocks IFN owns. Moreover you also spend 4% a year expenses to IFN management.


GCH: bullish on stock markets, I recharge on Greater China Fund which seems a bargain now May 23, 2006

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I am recharging heavily on GCH. It is cheap again. It lost 30% of its value in 10 days, without any logical reason, except following hysterically Wall Street's inflation fears. But China is still growing everyday. Companies owned by this Greater China Fund are growing fast and making earnings, so I am investing heavily on GCH once more

History of my GCH investments: (more…)

Why is Ebay going down in 2006? And… why am I buying it now? May 18, 2006

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Ebay is going down because for the first time since it went public there is a minus in its year to year comparisons statistics. During last quarter Ebay's earnings went down.

On yahoo finance you can read: Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):-3.10% related to Ebay. This was considered inconceivable for a company that grew revenue and earnings double digit every quarter for the last 5 years. EBay’s stock price fell down, so I buy. I do buy mainly because EBAY is now a reasonably priced growth stock which showed Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy): 34.80%. (more…)

NASDAQ: ACTI ActivIdentity Corp has so much cash that some Gordon Genko may buy it to sell pieces and makes stockholders a bit richer… Remember “Wall Street” the movie? May 16, 2006

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Yes, I am buying ACTI ActivIdentity Corp just because it seems similar to "Blue Jet" in famous Wall Street movie. In the movie capitalist shark Gordon Genko tries to swallow a little badly managed company, stuffed with cash.

Well let’s look at this smart cards producer: Total Cash: 145.04M ; Market Price 178 M (more…)

SAY- Satyam Computer Services: the Indian equity I was looking for May 11, 2006

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I wanted to invest in India because our jobs are migrating there and at least we should earn something from that somehow harmful (to western proletarians) migration. SAY was the answer: A reasonably priced (P/E around 24) jet fast growing healthy Indian computer company similar in business to IBM… Except the detail that SAY revenue grew +43% year on year while IBM revenue was decreasing with a sad -9% (more…)

Deb Shops Inc. (DEBS) attracts the democratic investor with honey of sweet 21% one time dividend May 9, 2006

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Yes, I fell into the trap, and once again the trap was so nicely set, with an extraordinary dividend of $6.50 per share 21% of the stock's value, that I bought without even telling you, my friends. I was afraid the stock would run away from me. How silly to buy under such impulses! But I need to tell you, my companions proletarians, the whole story. I was reading trough Magic Formula, a famous website promising the impossible. I found DEBS Deb Shops and whoops I see they offer they 21% dividend and that the company is growing and it is reasonably priced with P/E 16.82, forward expected P/E 14.31, no debt, tons of cash. What could I do? Could I wait to tell you then buy? Sorry No!


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