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(ASEI) American Science & Engineering is what I buy today because I continue to be bullish. June 6, 2006

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I bet that stock markets will start their growth again. My pick for today is this (ASEI) American Science & Engineering. A company which is leader in security devices like metal detector for airports.

As we the people spend our (not very valuable) time in line to go trough security controls in airports, we do expect that the airport has invested in the best possible security devices since it force us to invest our time.

So let’s go to this cheap, fast growing stock:

ASEI has:

Trailing P/E:17.49 and Forward P/E: 12.70 which is about around the average for Wall Street (average P/E should be around 14)

But… they are growing much faster that your average S&P 500 company:

Do you like a Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy): 51.10%? Well I do!

Do you still like it if I tell you that they had Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy):-49.20%? Well a little bit less I guess, but probably they had to finance their growth, so I stick with ASEI.

Even though I am optimistic about the market, I like to know that in the next 5 minutes I will invest in … Security 🙂

Let the force be with us, and please next time you go trough a line leading to a metal detector, remember that maybe you are making a democratic investor a bit less poor!

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