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I opened an Icarra portfolio management account because Google finance portfolio sucks… Guess what? Deminvest is nicely beating Nasdaq and S&P 500 June 11, 2008

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Icarra is a good portfolio management system to measure my portfolio performance . It has very nice charts and is very good to measure results for my entire portfolio. For instance I was very pleased to read that I have a total 2.84% dividend yield :-).

Here is a very nice chart, showing how my “Deminvest Free Stocks investment has consistently beaten both the Nasdaq and the S&P 500.

icarra chart

I used to have my portfolio loaded into Google Finance, but Google finance’s portfolio sucks for several reasons:

1) Google Finance does not offer any charting of my portfolio.

2) Google Finance does not give any overall portfolio data, like overall P/E, overall dividend yield, overall performance including stock sales and cash.

3) Google Finance does not consider cash, which makes it a horrible way to measure results of my free stocks strategy. I buy a stock, wait for it to go 40% up and then resell just enough shares to get my cash

back. Google finance does not “understand” what I’m doing. Since they don’t care about cash, they have no way to measure performance on a stock that I had for free, which should be infinite % (paid 0, valued $400).

Anyway, my Icarra portfolio management account is open for anyone to inspect.


1. I opened an Icarra portfolio management account because Google finance portfolio sucks… Guess what? Deminvest is nicely beating Nasdaq and S&P 500 · Trading-Stocks.ExplainedHere.Net - June 11, 2008

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2. RnS - June 12, 2008

Most interesting! Thank you for the link!

It is very hard to state how amazingly useful these bits of information you put up are when it comes to actual trading. I’ve learnt a tremendous deal just by going through your posts. Keep up the great work! 🙂

3. deminvest - June 13, 2008

Thank you very much RnS.

I am very happy that some of my real life investing and trading experiences are useful for you too.

If you have any advice for me too, I’ll be very grateful to receive it.

4. Kevin - June 14, 2008

too bad Iccara doesn’t allow Pink sheet stocks such as NTDOY.

5. Kevin - June 14, 2008

Nevermind. They do. OTC:NTDOY

6. deminvest - June 15, 2008

Kevin, is your Icarra portfolio open? How did you call it? I’m curious to give it a look.


7. Ethan - November 13, 2009

deminvest, I used Icarra for about a year as well, but it is now defunct. Do you know of another service that offers the same capabilities? I am having a terrible time finding one. The key, as you pointed out, is the ability to compare actual trade-based portfolios – including cash – against other portfolios such as indices, combinations of indices, or hypothetical alternatives that you may have had under consideration.

8. Deminvest - November 16, 2009


I have looked all over the net and there is no service better Icarra. It is amazing that nobody does anything as simple as Icarra. Even monsters like Yahoo finance, Google Finance and MSN money, have portfolio managements that simply suck.

Even though nobody is maintaining Icarra, Icarra is still the best. It is very defunct, but it is still working. Every time I upload a new transaction to Icarra, I fear that my Portfolio will disappear the next day. But Icarra is still there and still working.

9. Ethan - November 25, 2009

Deminvest, unfortunately I’m not having the same results at Icarra. My portfolio performance ceased to be updated at the end of June, and if I try to alter or add transactions for certain securities I get a message saying that Icarra has no data for them. I even get that result for their own Total Bond Market chart here: http://www.icarra.com/viewPortfolio.php?id=25

I trialed the for-pay portfolio tool at Morningstar, but it still can’t do comparisons. Sigh.

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