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NASDAQ: ACTI ActivIdentity Corp has so much cash that some Gordon Genko may buy it to sell pieces and makes stockholders a bit richer… Remember “Wall Street” the movie? May 16, 2006

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Yes, I am buying ACTI ActivIdentity Corp just because it seems similar to "Blue Jet" in famous Wall Street movie. In the movie capitalist shark Gordon Genko tries to swallow a little badly managed company, stuffed with cash.

Well let’s look at this smart cards producer: Total Cash: 145.04M ; Market Price 178 M
Other than that the cash factor ActivIdentity Corp is quite lame: they lose money and have too many employees.

Their job is not so bad. ACTI makes those card used to get into top secret room (yes I saw too many movies during the weekend…).

I bet that a few years ago, when everybody wanted to invest in companies whose business was connected to security, ACTI ActivIdentity Corp was very popular.

I buy because, in my opinion, either ACTI management hurries up to make this company profitable, or some Gordon Genko will buy them out to swallow the cash and sell its pieces…

When there is a takeover like that, there is always some juice for stockholders 🙂

Remember Jack Nicholson talking to stock holders in "Wall Street"? He was such a mean capitalist shark… That each one of us, the people, the proletarians, was fascinated by that seductive evil, wanting to make stock holders a bit richer… and making a fortune for himself of course! 

So: Blue Steel, Blue Steel on ACTI! (you will understand this one only if you saw "Wall Street" the movie more than once… 🙂 )


1. deminvest - May 16, 2006

I bought 260 ACTI stocks for 3,87 spending 1.006,20 . Let the force be with us fellow proletarian investors!

2. deminvest - October 13, 2006

now the stock went up and part of the cash was burned, but I still think an acquisition made to get hold of that cash would make sense.

ACTI has now:

Total Cash 137M   Market Price 204.7 M

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