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I promised I’d buy on March 1th. Trina Solar TSL is my crazy choice in times of financial storms March 1, 2007

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Everything seems wrong in this decision, except maybe the fact that it is environmentally friendly…

Solar panels

1) I know very little about TSL. Even on yahoo finance most numbers are missing.

2) An uninformed investor like me should never buy in times of unstable markets, like this week

3) China is the most unstable stock market in the big blue globe.

So why did I buy Trina Solar? Mainly because I promised my readers that I would buy today. Also I read somewhere that it sells plenty of solar panels all over the World, specially to Europe which is going crazy about the environment (actually people who don’t care about the environment should be considered crazy)

I also read that TSL double its revenue since last year, so… I said to myself:

“What the heck, let’s throw those $1000 into this financial storm!

I bought 24 TSL at $ 42 each spending $1008. Let the force be with us, few optimistic fools still on the markets!


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2. Nicholas Ajumobi - March 4, 2007

I don’t understand how you can invest in such a market at this time of uncertainty and instability. I think that the future is bright for this company, but at this time, other extraneous factors about the overall state of the chinese market will weigh the performance of this company down. I would wait for the storm to pass.

3. Gene - March 4, 2007

I drew up a chart for TSL and posted it in my blog. Be very careful with this one, as the MACD has crossed into negative territory. Worse yet, Friday showed an inverted hammer, which is never bullish. I hope you have good stops set in case it goes lower.Good luck with your trades.

4. deminvest - March 5, 2007

Nicholas and Gene, you are both totally right.

It was wrong to buy in such stormy weathers. I should have waited.

Also I usually ask my Blogging friend Gene some help for better timing from a technical point of view.
His work on http://stoxpix.blogspot.com/2007/03/tsl-chart.html would have helped me to make the right decision to wait. Well anybody interested in this TSL should look at that post, before making any decision.

I am already losing a high percentage on that stock. I made that mistake for several reasons:

1) I like Trina stock very much.

2) My strategy makes me buy one stock every month. So within 30 days I had to buy anyway.

3) It often happens to me, when markets go down, to start hunting for bargains. I know it is totally wrong, because I can’t forecast when the sellout stops. I know that this behavior left so many simpletons like me penniless on last bubble. I know all that… But I did it again!

4) Last but not least… In a (meaningless) effort to convince my few readers that Shanghai sell-out was not a big deal, I promised that I’d buy something on March the first. Well I (try to) never lie to my readers… But next time I will (try to) not make promises that eventually make me burn my money.

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