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Why did (TSL) Trina Solar go up 60% in 45 days? No clue, but buying Trina was my best stock guess ever April 16, 2007

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I bought 24 TSL at $ 42 each spending $1008 on March the first, right after the big 9% fall of Shanghai markets. I was totally uncertain. I called my decision “crazy choice” on the post I wrote the day I bought Trina Solar.

What is scary about this stock is that I could not find out why it went up 60% in less than 2 months. No news explaining this weird growth on Yahoo or Google finance. Nothing on Reuters or anywhere else. Mystery.

As I checked my portfolio today, I noticed TSL had suddenly gone up 15%. My new free stock strategy makes me sell shares when they’re up 40%. I could not catch the moment today: they were 50% up from my buy price before I could sell… After I sold Trina Solar continued going up, reaching a 60% gain.

Today I sold 17 TSL shares at $64,3 each, getting $1093, more than the $1008 I had spent to buy 24 TSL shares in March. I got my money back and I still have 7 Trina Solar shares that I got for free.

It was pure luck. It is very risky to enter such a market blindfolded like I did. I also wonder how effective Chinese regulators are at preventing insider trading… Maybe TSL went up 60% because somebody already knows that earnings are going to beat expectations… Let’s just be happy about my gain now… We will maybe know later on why I made such a gain.


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