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5 reasons why I bough 45 MSFT (Microsoft) shares 10 minutes ago June 4, 2009

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  1. It is hard to defeat the  giant. Google, Apple, The Open Source communty, all claim that Microsoft is evil and that their products are better. Still I am Blogging from Windows PC, and chances are you’re reading me using Microsoft software. It is not easy to change people’s habbits and Miscroft has shown great ability to defends its core markets, while competing on new markets, like mobile devices, Internet services, Gaming…  Things can change, but nobody has yet proven they can really hurt Microsoft
  2. We, the people want cheap stuff. Snobs can still pay twice as much to get same CPU and same RAM on a Mac, but I am not going to throw all that money on a sleek design. Most of the 6 Billion people on this planet wouldn’t do so either. Developing countries are adopting Windows. They can’t afford Apple’s cool stuff.
  3. We the people want hussle free stuff. Linux may be cool. Maybe even cooler than Steve Job’s cool Macs… But we, the people have learned to use Windows. It is too hard for us to learn Linux too. I did try to use Ubuntu. Everything worked fine, except for the fact that my HP Pavilion is mute under Ubuntu. I lost a day onn forums, on updates, on synoptics stuff, on shell commands. No result at all. Maybe Vista sucks, but it works fine for me and I can’t by any means give up my Skype conversations or my Yahoo finanace tech ticker video.
  4. We the people love dividends. Yea yea, Google is a powerhouse. Sure Apple makes great products… but where is the cash? Microsoft yields 2.4% dividends: excellent for a company that only uses 25% of its earnigs to pay our dividends.
  5. We the people love bargains. P/E = 12 is a bargain for an healthy company that has cash worth one tenth of  its price tag (market cap)


1. deminvest - June 4, 2009

I bought 45 MSFT shares paying $ 21.76 each spending $979.2. I’m now owner of a 155 Microsoft shares that, unfortunately, on average, I’ve paid $ 26.37. I’m now down 12% on Microsoft, but hopeful for a quick comeback.

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