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best free finance service for pennyless proletarians: brand new google.finance.com or nice old reliable finance.yahoo.com? March 22, 2006

Posted by deminvest in investment, stocks.

First of all… “Don’t worry, be happy!” Both information services are great, detailed, full of information and free. They are 100% compatible with our Low Cost Society idea.  Free like sites that give out free 3d models or list all low cost flights, 100% compatible for us, the proletarians means: excellent quality, free and without bothering advertising. Aren’t we bad? We want all that and we will get. El pueblo unido jamás será vencido.” (The people united never shall be vanquished). So our free friendly services Yahoo Finance and Google Finance are both very accurate, offer plenty of information, much updated news and all the data we need to make our educated mistakes investing our hardly gained savings. How to choose? Or rather, do we really have to choose?
In my opinion not. finance.google.com has a big problem: It does not give any info connected to dividends. We, the people love dividends. We love them because they make us feel less proletarian and we love them because they help us believe that company earnings are real money and not Enron style virtual bits. Well there is dramatically no info about dividends on Google.

Key Statistics on finance.yahoo.com are the most valuable free of charge instrument online for data about stocks. They also give excellent data about dividends, so we really must appreciate them, but… there us but: news. We don’t like the news on Yahoo Finance for a simple reason: The good ones seem always to have a price tag. Amazing. Can you believe it? Yahoo expects us, the ruling, we, the people, to pay for part of the news contained on their finance website!

Can we stand that? No. We just say no.

Another extremely annoying problem with yahoo finance is those stupid tickers. If you don’t know that the ticker code of Microsoft is MSFT, it will take you forever to find it. On Google finance you just type Microsoft and get to the juicy info.

So, my advice before buying a stock:

1) Look if there is something about it on Deminvest

2) Open finance.google.com find your stock and look at the general data and at the news, which should be free.

3) Open finance.yahoo.com and insert on it the ticker code you have found on Google. Read

Go to the Key Statistics page in the menu which is at your left in the yahoo page for one stock.

Then you’re left alone with: “To buy or not to buy: that is the question”


1. Marian Frazier - April 28, 2007

We had “Garn’s Stockk” on yahoo and loved the program! We printed it once a month and it kept track of current market, profit (or loss) total portfolio value. How do I get that service back?
(P.S. old computer died last year and we have a new Compaq and I don’t know how to get the portfolio on that old yahoo track.) I’m the clerk-typist-wife.

2. deminvest - May 1, 2007

do you still have username and password for your Yahoo mail? If you do, you can recover your old portfolio.

3. Google Finance or Yahoo finance. Which is better? « Democratic Investments by the people for the people - April 20, 2008

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4. stuart laffitte - September 30, 2008

looking for yahoofinance email address

Marcus - May 11, 2009

If you still need the email address to Yahoo! Finance, here is it:


5. Marcus - May 11, 2009

Yahoo! compared to Google.

Google has some great features, but you have to refresh a page to get an updated price.

Google does not have the comprehensive data available that you can find on Yahoo! Finance.

Google does not have Streaming Quotes.

Google’s Charts are very nice.

Google is a great reference, but they only have 5% of what you can find on Yahoo! Finance.

Yahoo! Finance uses MorningStar.com as one of their data providers, which says something about the quality of data they provide.

deminvest - May 12, 2009

I have noticed that on Yahoo finance often you find N/A on important ratios. Is is happening much more often than it used to. Specially for ADRs (foreign stocks) Yahoo Finanace is not disclosing vital P/E ratios. Did you notice this problem too?

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