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Beware: Wall Street sharks on the move on VA Software (LNUX) again! May 7, 2007

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(LNUX) VA Software up 8% today: do not trade LNUX! Sharks (who may have good friends) are in action before earnings… Again… We, the small investors, shall BEWARE!

LNUX is up 14% since May 03, 2007 when VA Software Corportion (LNUX) announced that it will release its third quarter fiscal 2007 financial results on Thursday, May 24, 2007, after the close of market.

We are (ONCE AGAIN) seeing suspicious movements before Earnings are announced to the public.

What should we do?


If we sell shares now, we may give a big advantage to people who may know that those earnings are great.

If we buy shares now, we may give great advantage to people who may know those earnings are bad. Mabe they have bouth to cause this hike and sell at higher price.

Let’s HOLD! HOLD! HOLD! Once earnings figures are public we may decide to trade on LNUX.

Last year I was tricked into selling most of my LNUX shares, because they went up one week BEFORE earning announcements.

Just by the titles of my old posts, we can be seen why we should not trade this company now:

VA Software Corp. (LNUX). A bargain Linux stock for the democratic investor. February 13, 2006

What a luck! I wrote here I’d buy VA Linux (LNUX) on Monday… It grew 30% in 4 days! February 17, 2006

LNUX VA Software had a suspicious 57% hike in 7 days before last night’s good Q2 profit report. Did somebody know? Did I, proletarian investor, loose my money to traders linked to insiders? February 22, 2006

lnux stock doubled. Are insider traders getting rich? February 22, 2006

All clear fellows?


1. Eric Nagel - June 20, 2007

VA Linux was one of my first stock trades. I got to join the IPO (don’t know why) and bought at $30 – it opened at $320, and I sold it all w/in 3 days.


Kinda funny it’s at $5 today… glad I’m out.

2. deminvest - June 21, 2007

lol 1000% gain in 3 days! A dream coming true!

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